Re: HoneyComb first-boot notes

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-arm <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 20:39:16 UTC
Repeating here what I've reported on teh solidrun discord:

I decided to experiment with monitoring the temperatures reported
as things are. For the default heat-sink/fan and the 2 other fans
in the case, buildworld with load average 16.? for some time has
stayed with tz0 through tz6 reporting between 61.0degC and 66.0degC,
say about 20degC for ambiant. (tz7 and tz8 report 0.1C.) During
stages with lower load averages, the tz0..tz6 tempuratures back off
some. So it looks like my default context keeps the system
sufficiently cool for such use.

I'll note that the default heat-sink's fan is not operating at rates
that I hear it upstairs. I've heard the noisy mode from there during
early parts of booting for Fedora 34 server, for example.

Mark Millard
marklmi at
( went
away in early 2018-Mar)