Re: HoneyComb first-boot notes

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-arm <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 08:45:38 UTC
On 2021-Jun-22, at 01:31, Dmitry Salychev <dsl at> wrote:

>>>> I put an existing FreeBSD Optane into a just delivered
>>>> HoneyComb, put in the RAM and the matching UEFI/ACPI
>>>> image on a microsd card and put the card in the slot.
>>>> I plugged in a USB3 Ethernet dongle, like I use on some
>>>> other systems. Serial console via its USB port for such.
>>>> (Optane instead of video card.) The UEFI/ACPI image was
>>>> extracted from:
>>>> in order to match the RAM and being based on the
>>>> most current vintage at:
>>>> It booted.
>>> Could you share whole dmesg?
>> I've not done a "boot -v" . The below is actually from a
>> captured serial console output. It is lightly edited. I
>> have omitted nearly all loader output (and before).
> Thanks for sharing. Have you seen somewhere in output from UEFI (before
> the loader) that "DPAA2 Management Complex initialized"?

The text "DPAA2" does not occur in the captured output
at all. However, that is my understanding of the expected

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