Easily reproducible stable/13 kernel crash

From: Matthew Grooms <mgrooms_at_shrew.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 05:42:27 UTC
Hey all,

If I build an up-to-date stable/13 arm64 kernel and type sysctl -a on a 
rpi4 system, it reboots every time. I've blown away the source and 
object tree multiple times and still get the same result.

FreeBSD generic 13.0-STABLE FreeBSD 13.0-STABLE #1 
stable/13-n245932-04c4bd7f7b5: Fri Jun 11 00:09:11 CDT 2021 
mgrooms@x.x.x:/var/rpi4/build/usr/src/arm64.aarch64/sys/GENERIC arm64

Has anyone else been testing stable builds recently? I'll try to build a 
debug kernel and see if I can dig up more info.