Re: Strange u-boot behavior

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-arm <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021 11:24:39 -0700
On 2021-Jun-6, at 09:00, bob prohaska <fbsd at> wrote:

>> . . .
> I'm seeing lots of 
> MESS:00:00:01.300591:0: hdmi: HDMI:EDID error reading EDID block 0 attempt... 
> errors from u-boot. Up to now they didn't seem to matter. 


The "MESS:" lines are from before U-Boot has been loaded
by the RPi firmware. They start even before the firmware
loads the .dtb --but after start*.elf is started, so after
it and the matching fixup*.dat are loaded.

U-Boot is not involved for these HDMI:EDID messages.

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