Re: Oversimplification

From: Søren_Schmidt <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 08:24:24 UTC
On 3 Jun 2021, at 09.15, Peter Jeremy via freebsd-arm <> wrote:
> On 2021-Jun-03 08:46:47 +0200, Milan Obuch <> wrote:
>>> I'll second Milan's followup. I have a 4GB RockPro64 with the
>>> dual-SATA PCIe card and am quite happy with it. It also supports
>>> both USB-3 and USB-C, though I haven't experimented with either.
>> Just out of curiosity - do you mean SATA card from shop? Was
>> some extra steps required to make it work? Could you share relevant
>> lines from dmesg output?
> Yes, this was the card - I've build a PineNAS, though I'm
> still trying to work out how to set it up the way I want.  The card
> doesn't need any special configuration.  Note that the RockPro64
> doesn't support booting from SATA.

If you install u-boot to the SPI you can boot from any media, SATA/NVMe/USB/SD/MMC.

I have patches for the pinebook pro that also works for the rockpro64 at: <>


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