Re: Hardware for poudriere

From: tech-lists <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:33:04 +0100

I use poudriere to build all my arm64 and armv7 
on a rpi4/8GB.

It's clocked to 2.1GHz, is v stable, runs stable/13.
You need to make sure the cooling is very good. 
I use a FLIRC case. The case is the heatsink.
I see 70-75 degC with a load of 5.00 at 29 degC 
ambient right now.

It uses zfs and external usb3-connected-and-powered 
spinning rust. There is a swap partition here - 8GB. 
It's needed for the larger ports. You should configure
poudriere to build using ccache. Builds will take ages 

Right now it has USE_TMPFS="wrkdir data localbase" in poudriere.conf but
I'm thinking of amending that to USE_TMPFS="wrkdir data" because
sometimes it'll run out of swap building rust, for example. Either that

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