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From: Andrew Turner <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 14:51:33 +0200
> On 16 Jul 2021, at 13:08, wrote:
>> On 16. Jul 2021, at 04:06, Mark Millard < <>> wrote:
>> On 2021-Jul-15, at 17:40, Michael Tuexen <tuexen at> wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> register x18 seems to be special. What is it used for in FreeBSD?
>>> Best regards
>>> Michael
>> reports:
>> 	• X18 is the platform register and is reserved for the use of platform ABIs. This is an adional temporary register on platforms that don't assign a special meaning to it.
>> So, special, yes. But I do not know what the "platform ABI" usage
>> for it might be on FreeBSD. So, for the most part, this does not
>> well-answer your question. Sorry.
> Yepp, I found the above text. However, x18 seems to be used when accessing
> global variables. I am looking at a panic, where the system panics on accessing
> global variable, which can be controlled by sysctl.
> It seems that x18 does not have the expected value, but it is also not set in
> the function...

X18 is used to store the pointer to the pcpu data It should only ever be set when we enter the kernel from userland by the exception handler.

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