Re: git: 1dec3639fd0c - main - sysutils/u-boot: Update to 2021.07

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-arm <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 02:16:50 -0700
On 2021-Jul-11, at 01:34, Herbert J. Skuhra <herbert at> wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Jul 2021 02:29:57 +0200, Mark Millard wrote:
>> Some more context from looking around (I'm still trying
>> to get use to git ways of finding things):
> Thanks.
> I used a simple 'git log' and checked the GH page:
> Both show the commits in this order:
> 78af81c345430a9088235f48d302922955d2499f
> 63af92e837f3d7c21ab5fc4a96ffcbf202efaf90
> [..]

So I should not have said to bisect master but instead
the sequence of contributions to v2021.04-rc4 , as that
is apparently what tracks the contributions to the first
broken v2021.04-rc* and master is different.

> At the moment I have no idea how to bisect further. git diff and
> reverting some parts manually?

For . . .

v2021.04-rc3 (c5219c4) in master was followed by (in sequence):

60a376b: configs: RPi2: Disable EFI Grub workaround
76cffd5: drivers: mmc: iproc_sdhci: enable HS200 mode
0267539: MAINTAINERS: Update info for Raspberry Pi
3ac0523: rng: iproc_rng200: Enable support for RPi4 armv7
fae165b: configs: rpi4_32: Enable iProc RNG200
20ecfbe: configs: Resync with savedefconfig
78af81c: Merge tag 'rpi-next-2021.04.2' of

So "just":

A) check out 3ac0523, build, test
B) Based on the result: check out whichever of 76cffd5 and 20ecfbe, build, test
C) Based on the result: . . .

And the 3 tries should do it for being sure where
the good-followed-by-bad pair is. (If 60a376b is
bad, then c5219c4 should be the good side of the
good-then-bad pair.)

(I've not dealt with the "build" part of that

> Maybe I'll check the RPi 3 issue first (it tries to boot over the
> network only). Hopefully it's easier to bisect, but I doubt it. :-(

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