Aw: Re: JMicron jms561 umass on arm64?

From: Peter Cornelius <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 20:18:09 +0200
Thank you, Mark and Bob,

> >> I expect that until you have the above RPi firmware build
> >> in place on the firmware-boot-stage media, all other
> >> efforts are going to be messed up by the older firmware.
> >> (I've no clue if the RPi firmware is a sufficient fix by
> >> itself for your context even with a modern FreeBSD
> >> relateive to what was fixed, but the RPi firmware likely
> >> is a necessary part of the overall fix.)
> >>
> >
> > I forgot to mention that before initially booting FreeBSD on
> > my Pi4B I booted it with RasPiOS and ran sudo apt update/upgrade.
> > That likely fixed the firmware on the Pi without intelligent
> > intervention.
> How would booting RasPiOS via RasPiOS media and running
> apt update/upgrade automatically update the firmware that
> is on the FreeBSD media, files like start4.elf on the
> msdos file system on FreeBSD boot media?
> I was not writing of things like the eepprom update that
> enables USB booting on older RPi*'s that did not support
> such initially. I explicitly mentioned start4.elf and
> "firmware-boot-stage media".
> Unless there were more steps than described, I doubt the
> activity updated what I was refering to.

I think we may have some confusion here. There was some sort of EEPROM firmware upgrade [4] which I also did last round Raspbian was up (either Jan 11 or Feb 16). I also had to do that last year (August?) in order to make the RPI4 boot FreeBSD at all. I think the EEPROM upgrade tool is too Linuxish and does not run under FreeBSD (at least I failed).

> Unless you go back far enough into last year, the
> RPi* firmware needs to that vintage that has:
> # strings start4.elf | grep VC_BUILD_ID_
> VC_BUILD_ID_TIME: 12:10:40
> VC_BUILD_ID_TIME: Feb 25 2021
> VC_BUILD_ID_BRANCH: bcm2711_2
> VC_BUILD_ID_PLATFORM: raspberrypi_linux
> VC_BUILD_ID_VERSION: 564e5f9b852b23a330b1764bcf0b2d022a20afd0 (clean)

I am aware of bug 252971 [5] and can confirm that I do have this version. Actually built on March 3 this year. Before that, I had to go back to some September? October? U-Boot to get the box back up running with USB (such as to use my USB keyboard & mouse, for instance).

I just connected a USB3 hub with a USB2 memstick and a USB3 disk to the USB3 hub of the RPI4, and both storage devices are detected immediately on either USB3 port of the RPI4.

Which gives me a sensation of looking in the wrong spot...

Thanks again, and

All the best,


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