Re: HEADS UP: The default ABI has changed

From: Alie Tan <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 15:15:21 +0800

Somehow i am getting error while compiling the latest code:
"Makefile", line 233: check your date/time: Wed Jul 17 15:14:02 SGT 2013

Any idea? is this related with the switch?

Alie T

On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 3:25 AM, Andrew Turner <> wrote:

> As of r253396 the default ABI on FreeBSD/ARM is the ARM EABI. If you
> run FreeBSD HEAD on an ARM CPU this will apply to you.
> If you are currently using the ARM EABI nothing should change for you
> other than you no longer need to set WITH_ARM_EABI as it is the default.
> If you are not sure what ABI you are running it is most likely the OABI.
> People currently running OABI have two options:
> 1. Stay on OABI by setting WITHOUT_ARM_EABI in make.conf, src.conf or
>    on the command line. This option will be removed sometime in the
>    future.
> 2. Move to ARM EABI by following the instructions below.
> By changing to EABI you will need to reinstall everything. This
> includes your kernel, world and ports/packages (i.e. everything). This
> is because the ABIs are incompatible with each other. Also not that an
> EABI kernel is unable to run OABI binaries and vice versa.
> The suggested way to upgrade to the ARM EABI is to rebuild your kernel
> and world with a second build machine then upgrade all ports and
> packages. Building and installing an ARM EABI kernel and world on an
> OABI system is not guaranteed to work, and it is almost certain to fail.
> Advantages of ARM EABI:
>  - The main advantage is we are now more compatible with third party
>    software that relies on the ABI.
>  - Compatible with future toolchains. The OABI will likely get less
>    testing as less people use it outside of FreeBSD.
>  - Improved structure alignment rules.
>  - Allow future work to enable Thumb-2 by updating the syscall
>    interface.
>  - Allow future work to enable the hard float variant of the ARM EABI.
>    This will provide a performance improvement for code using floating
>    point operations.
> There is a known issue with pkg where it will detect the wrong ABI.
> This is fixed upstream and will be available soon.
> Andrew
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