Re: Re-importing WireGuard driver and utilities

From: Evilham <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2022 20:02:22 UTC

On dj., oct. 13 2022, John Baldwin wrote:

> Over the past several months, I have spent some time reviewing 
> the
> WireGuard driver including its interactions with the rest of the
> kernel and its use of crypto in the kernel.  This work was 
> sponsored
> by the FreeBSD Foundation and had a few goals:

Thanks for all the work, I noticed something that might be related 
to how these changes interact with pkgbase:

On pkg upgrade:

  - FreeBSD-runtime-dev-14.snap20221029192512 [evilham-base] 
  conflicts with FreeBSD-runtime-14.snap20221029192512 
  [evilham-base] on /usr/include/dev/wg/if_wg.h

Aka: the if_wg.h headers are included on both packages, how is 
this fixed? :-D would love to learn that.