Re: Documentation of /usr/src directory layout

From: Mitchell Horne <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 18:41:40 UTC
On 10/26/22 15:06, Ed Maste wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 12:07, Mitchell Horne <> wrote:
>> I propose that we reduce the maintenance overhead by keeping one of
>> these lists as the source of truth. is the more natural option
>> here: being located at the root of the src tree it is more discoverable
>> (especially for those new to the src tree), and the raw markdown text is
>> much more human-readable than mdoc. Of course, the added benefit is that
>> is presented front-and-center when browsing the git repository
>> on GitHub, GitLab, etc. See it on my fork [2].
> Thanks Mitchell, overall I think this is a great idea. One question,
> is the right place for this or should we add a
> or similar?

IMO, it is appropriate to keep this in, if for no other reason 
than the file is quite small -- 42 lines after my changes, including the 
table. But I consider it analogous to having a map displayed at a park 
entrance, or a table of contents at the start of a book.