Re: Switching from sendmail to Dragonfly Mail Agent by default

From: Gordon Bergling <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2022 00:38:58 UTC
Hi Bapt,

On Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 03:05:33PM +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As of today, on a default FreeBSD setup, a mailer agent is configured in order
> to be able to distribute locally emails (from crontab for example) and/or for
> relaying those emails. This role has been served by a stripped down version of
> sendmail up to now. By stripped down, I mean it is built without the support
> for feature that would make it a full featured MTA, like no support for ldap.
> Long time ago we have imported Dragonfly Mail Agent, a minimalistic MTA born
> within the Dragonfly Project, covering exactly those needs and only those.
> It has matured slowly over the time and we believe we have addressed all the
> major issues reported preventing it from being the default.
> For FreeBSD 14 we would like to activate it by default.
> It means:
> - install by default mailer.conf from dma (and install the one from sendmail
>   in /usr/share/example/sendmail)
> - activate sendmail_enable=NONE by default in /etc/default/rc.conf
> - make mailwrappe fallback on dma.
> If noone brings an obvious blocker, this change will happen in the next couple
> of weeks!

In general +1. I personaly use msmtp for mail delivery since I don't want to
mess with a full MTA configuration. If we enable DMA by default, we also should
update the existing documentation. I recently discovered that following rc.conf
values are needed for local delivery of status e-mails from rc-scripts.

But since we have DMA already in base, the switch would be more then welcome,
to move to a BSD-licsended, simple to use solution.