Re: Updating reboot's default

From: Daniel Ebdrup Jensen <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:33:30 UTC
On Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 07:22:04PM +0200, Michael Gmelin wrote:
>> On 22. Jun 2022, at 19:12, Warner Losh <> wrote:
>> What do you like about the current behavior: How quickly the reboot happens? Or you have a lot of running processes you don't want killed or to have a chance to clean up?

      I'm curious about this one, because to me reboot has always been
      there to help in cases where a machine needs to be rebooted _right
      now_, irrespective of what it's doing, up to and including possibly
      corrupting various databases that might need more than 5 seconds to
      finish their work.

      It seems to me that those things only come about in the case of
      imminent hardware failure, zero-day exploits against high-value
      targets, and things of that nature that are otherwise unavoidable,
      and that're covered by the same clauses that cover force majure in
      service license agreements about any number of nines.

      Out of interest, how much quicker is the current reboot compared to
      shutdown -r? If you have any numbers to share, that'd certainly
      have my interest.

>> The only thought I've put into this is from my perspective, and while it is often a good reflection of the larger community, there are times there's a mismatch, so I'd like to at least understand why you hold these views. There may be a simple way to accommodate both sides.
>For me this is almost solely about muscle memory. If changing it serves the many, I can adapt and start using `fastboot` again (which I used for many years, until I realized that `reboot` did exactly the same)

      As Warner highlights elsewhere, most people have had to alias
      reboot to `shutdown -r now` - up to and including for system
      processes. It seems to me that this change would mean that the few
      people like you who want the behaviour will now have to do this?
      For example, the x11/ly display manager I'm using lets you pick the
      command to shut down the system, but it's hardcoding the command to
      reboot - so if I accidentally press F2 instead of F1 (or switch to
      a VTY to login and type out the command properly), it could in
      theory end up being slightly annoying (since I have plenty of ZFS
      snapshots to restore from.

>If we were redoing things from scratch, what you propose would make more sense than the current behavior for sure.

Hi folks,

      Overall, I'm in favour of making a flagday out of this, and
      changing the default - because, unless you're coming from a BSD
      system, you're going to risk behaviour that could be a lot more
      disasterous than outlined above.

      So in this instance, it makes sense to change it.

Daniel Ebdrup Jensen