libsoft retiring

From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 23:58:24 UTC

I implemented libsoft on arm for the FreeBSD 10 -> FreeBSD 11 transition
from using the 'softfp' ABI (where hardware float was used, but registers
were passed in integer registers) to the 'hardfp' ABI we've used ever since.

libsoft has been turned off since I added it as an option in 2016 6 months
before the 11.0 release. Several people used it at the time to transition
their 32-bit armv6 FreeBSD 10 (or 11-current) boards to armv7 FreeBSD 11.
Since then I know of nobody that's used it.

I think that it's time to retire the option entirely. has the bits to remove it.