Re: Modularizing the network stack with a driver API

From: Ed Maste <>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2022 14:58:05 UTC
On Wed, 23 Nov 2022 at 14:34, Justin Hibbits <> wrote:
> Most of the work I've done in the recent port has been purely
> mechanical and scripted, fixing build failures along the way.  The
> current work in progress can be found in my personal repository at
> .  The goal of this
> first step is to get things started, address design feedback, and move
> forward in main.

Thanks for picking up this long-neglected effort.

One comment, let's make sure that documentation gets updated as we go
- right now ifnet(9) documents struct ifnet's internals and makes no
reference to any of the accessor functions. The man page likely needs
significant work at some point as it's already quite long, but we
should at least mention that direct access to ifnet internals is
undesired, and list the accessors.