Re: cron @shutdown

From: Alexander Leidinger <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 06:54:33 UTC
Quoting Cy Schubert <> (from Tue, 02 Aug 2022  
07:54:33 -0700):

> Hi,
> Does anyone think there might be some utility with an @shutdown crontab(5)
> "nickname" similar to @reboot but instead when cron shuts down?
> I pointed out to one of my customers that @reboot might be an option
> instead of an rc script (or in his case a systemd unit file). Not that an
> @reboot for FreeBSD cron would contribute to solving his Linux problem but
> might our users be interested in something like this?

I'm a little bit puzzled...
"@stop" (when cron is stopped) is easy to implement, but the use cases  
for this are ... IMO very limited (and I would question if another way  
of implementing the application logic where this is used may be better).
"@shutdown" is not only a simple change to cron but also needs some  
logic to distinguish a stop/restart of crond from a full system  
shutdown. As such from a layering logic I would rather go with a rc  
script instead of a cron entry.

I understand that real-world ... "rules" ... can lead to situations  
where @shutdown would make life more easy. How far do we want to go  
there? Where do we draw a line between layering violations and stupid  
policies or convenience or "I don't want to talk with a colleague"  
situations (or whatever it is)?

This message is not a "no-vote", it is a "take a step back, take a  
deep breath, and ask yourself if we really want to do that".


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