Re: Introducing base64(1)

From: Piotr P. Stefaniak <>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2022 18:17:08 UTC
On 2021-11-22 19:16:45, Piotr P. Stefaniak wrote:
> "Conflate uudecode and uuencode"
> "b64encode: implement -w to wrap lines"
> "Implement base64(1)"

I've updated these. Mainly I renamed bin2text2bin to bintrans.

>Additionally, bin2text2bin will be able to take a parameter designating
>the coder and accept all its options in this form:
>bin2text2bin <coder> [options]
>and the behavior should be the same as if
><coder> [options]
>was invoked.
>This has the advantage that adding coders won't require installing them
>as binaries. I think quoted-printable or yEnc would be nice, but
>currently I have no plans to implement those.

That's changed now, you can also review this now: "Import a quoted-printable bidirectional converter"

Corrections, bug reports and other thoughts welcome.