Re: FreeBSD mips support

From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 21:06:52 UTC
On Thu, 23 Sept 2021 at 13:01, Warner Losh <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I think it may be about time to remove MIPS support from the tree. The last
> major users have moved on, and the port suffers from a number of problems
> on modern systems with modern workloads. We have a number of workarounds in
> the tree for different aspects of the mips port that we could retire as
> well...
> I'd like to propose removal of mips from -current soon, say by the end of
> the year.
> Comments?

I mean, I wish I had the time to look after it some more. It works
well enough right now for me poking at the wifi stack to try and find
and fix weird corner case bugs, but I agree it's time to move on.

MIPS is also not getting any further love from the IP owner; they're
moving to RISC-V too.

(The only thing I'd like to poke at is addressing some unaligned
access stuff that apparently is also problematic on some RISC-V
silicon as well as MIPS hardware.)

So yeah, unless I magically get extra time to update the MIPS pmap
support, I'm happy deorbiting it and sticking with FreeBSD-13 as a
MIPS base for what I'm doing until things can get migrated to ARM