Re: svn commit: r243594 - head/sys/netinet

From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 22:33:38 -0800
I suggest something with some numbers/figures that we can look at and plot.


* Let's map out what the inputs are (eg total memory, total VM space)
* Let's map out what the outputs are (eg UMA zone sizing, total mbufs
allowed, etc)
* Let's plot what the current, pre-latest-fiddling-in-current code does;
* Let's plot what you and Andre think it should be, and then we can
see how that works on the RAM constrained platforms;
* Let's have a bit of a chat about it.

Until Oleksandr and Andre figure out exactly why Andre's tweaks have
broken memory allocation on ARM (and until he and I stare at MIPS a
bit more, especially on the RAM constrained AP platforms) we can only
guess what the underlying reasons for his issues are. Oleksandr thinks
"fragmentation", but we just don't know. So that's worth figuring out.

You don't have to wait. There's plenty to do. Heck, I wonder what
platform Oleksandr is using where an ARM board has 1GB of RAM. Maybe
we should get some more of those for people to play with.

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