[Bug 269857] devel/apr1: update to 1.7.3

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Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 06:08:52 UTC

--- Comment #16 from Enji Cooper <ngie@FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to John Hein from comment #4)

No--BDB 1.85 is clearly BSD 4-clause based on the licensing in the source files
distributed with FreeBSD libc (see lib/libc/db/... and lib/libc/hash/...). I
don't understand why devel/apr1's license was changed if this feature is

Multiple sources online clearly confirm that the licensing is BSD 4-clause.
Here's a breakdown of BDB's licensing history from Wikipedia:

> Starting with the 6.0.21 (Oracle 12c) release, all Berkeley DB products are licensed under the GNU AGPL.[8][9] Previously, Berkeley DB was redistributed under the 4-clause BSD license (before version 2.0), and the Sleepycat Public License, which is an OSI-approved open-source license as well as an FSF-approved free software license.[10][11] The product ships with complete source code, build script, test suite, and documentation. The comprehensive feature along with the licensing terms have led to its use in a multitude of free and open-source software. Those who do not wish to abide by the terms of the GNU AGPL, or use an older version with the Sleepycat Public License, have the option of purchasing another proprietary license for redistribution from Oracle Corporation. This technique is called dual licensing.

PS database/db18 is version 18, not version 1.85. BDB 18.x > 2.x, and is
clearly licensed under a copyleft license.

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