Re: FreeBSD Foundation Soliciting Project Proposals

From: Joseph Mingrone <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022 23:41:47 UTC
Hello everyone,

We received a message yesterday letting us know that the content in the
Journal article was not accessible for those using screen readers.  The
same content in a more accessible format can be found at

Apologies to anyone affected by this.  It looks like newer Journal
articles are in a more accessible format.


Joseph (with Foundation hat on)

On Wed, 2022-01-05 at 14:46, Joseph Mingrone <> wrote:

> The FreeBSD Foundation is soliciting the submission of project proposals
> for funded development.  Refer to the following documents for
> information about submitting a proposal and for project ideas.

> Proposal Overview
> -----------------

> Submission Guidelines
> ---------------------

> FreeBSD Foundation Technology Roadmap
> -------------------------------------

> Contributed Project Ideas
> -------------------------

> Successful completion of many of the contributed ideas such as Raspberry
> Pi hardware improvements, support for the exFat filesystem, and adding
> Capsicum use in more applications would be beneficial for the Project
> and have clear deliverables.  However, please do not feel limited to
> these topics.  We welcome proposals with other ideas for improving the
> base system, the ports tree, documentation, or other areas.  If you
> think your proposal will benefit the Project, we will consider it.

> Please send any questions about submitting a proposal to

> Key Dates
> ---------

> Call for proposals:                  04 January 2022
> Deadline for submissions:            15 February 2022
> Notification of accepted proposals:  01 March 2022

> Regards,

> Joseph (with Foundation hat on)