Call for testing: portoptscli

From: Alfonso S. Siciliano <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 02:38:55 UTC
Hello list,

Some time ago I announced my intention to implement a new utility to 
configure ports interactively via a CLI [1]. Because other tools use TUI 
and seem unsuitable for speech synthesizers. The new utility is 
portoptscli (Port Options Command Line Interface) [2]. The version 0.0.1 
is available. I tested with Orca.

To install and use:
% git clone
% cd portoptscli
% make
Just make because the utility has no dependencies. Then add to 
Now 'make config' in a port directory will use portoptscli to set up the 
port options.

Of course a manual page is available. To read: 'cd' to the git cloned 
directory and 'man ./portoptscli.1'.
A README with intro, demo, commands, and extra info is available [3]. 
Please note, the README describes 2 installation ways via port and 
package, I submitted a PR to add portoptscli in the FreeBSD port/package 
repository but it is still a Work In Progress [4]; so you should build 
the utility using 'git clone' and 'make' like described previously.

Portoptscli can be a laboratory and a starting point to understand the 
best way to provide accessible menu, checklist, radiolist and other 
existing TUI components to set up and install the OS. Please let me know 
any problem, idea, and tip. The utility prints correct info on the 
screen but my hearing is not perfect, I may have misunderstood some word 
or sound.

[1] Terminal Reader and Text User Interface 
[2] Repository <>.
[3] README <>.
[4] PR portoptscli package <>.

Best regards,