Terminal Reader and Text User Interface utilities

From: Alfonso Sabato Siciliano <alfix86_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 17:32:06 UTC
Hi all,

I'd be happy to help to improve accessibility. I have some idea, however
I would like to understand where to concentrate the effort and the best

We have some utilities with a TUI (Text User Interface) to set up the
system. For example dialog4ports and portconfig to choose options for
building and installing ports [0].

Let's say:
# cd /usr/ports/editor/vim
# make config | espeak

espeak-ng reads: escape characters that are sent to the terminal to
color fonts and other graphical stuff, chars used to draw borders and
lines (windows, buttons, etc). Another problem seems to be the
difficulty of selecting buttons and items in a checklist or radiolist,
this is the purpose of 'make config'; the problem is to understand
where is the focus or the cursor.

I am considering to implement a new utility with a CLI (Command Line
Interface) for the same purpose. Let's say, for the vim port the output
could be:

# make config
vim port configuration
1: print options, 2: save and exit, 3: close without saving
# 1
Checklist with 2 items.
Make Jobs: Enable parallel build. Disabled
e: enable, c: continue
# c
NLS: Native Language Support. Enabled
d: disable, c: continue
# c
End List
1: print options, 2: save and exit, 3: close without saving
# 2
(Actually vim has more options, this is just a fake example.)

Can this new CLI utility be useful? Suggestions and feedbacks are


[0] https://www.freebsd.org/ports/