Call for testing a console-mode screenreader, now with installing and testing commands

From: Pau Amma <>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2022 20:21:06 UTC
Installing and testing hselasky's console screenreading patches:
- Note: for installing the OS and compiling the patches, you can if needed use whatever screenreading setup you're comfortable with.
- install a 14.0 snapshot ( with the src (system source) option. If you intend to help debug in addition to testing features, install the kernel-dbg option in addition to the default base-dbg. Create a non-root user.
- Log in as root
- pkg install espeak-ng
- fetch -o vt-driver.diff '' # Mind the single quotes here and in the next 2 commands.
- fetch -o beep.diff ''
- fetch -o vtspeakd.diff ''
- cd /usr/src
- patch -p 1 < /root/beep.diff
- patch -p 1 < /root/vtspeakd.diff
- patch -p 1 < /root/vt-driver.diff
- cd /usr/src/usr.bin/beep
- make && make install
- cd /usr/src/usr.bin/vtspeakd
- make && make install
- cd /usr/src
- make kernel INSTKERNNAME=kernel.speechsynth KERNCONF=GENERIC # Or the configuration you're using, but if that doesn't work, try GENERIC next.
- make installkernel.debug INSTKERNNAME=kernel.speechsynth KERNCONF=GENERIC
- nextboot -k kernel.speechsynth # So you can recover if it breaks booting
- shutdown -r now Rebooting for one-shot testing console speech synth kernel
- Log in as non-root user
- beep -t "Hi" # Mind the double quotes here and in the commands below that use -t.
- beep -t "ERROR" -D 50
- beep -F 220 -t "Hi, this is a test." -D 50
- beep -n 0
- beep -n 1
- beep -n 2
- beep -t "Ψωμί! Παιδειά! Και όχι επαιτειά!" # Or whichever non-ASCII text you can enter.
- Log in as root
- vtspeakd -B # Listen to the initial screen contents
- Log in as non-root user
- echo Hi from the screenreader.
- echo You can hit control-B while the screenreader is speaking out a line to make it skip the rest of it and read the next line.
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