List introduction, goals, audience, and ground rules

From: Pau Amma <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2021 19:36:28 UTC
Hello, everyone.

I requested creation of this mailing list, and since the new mailing 
list manager doesn't use long descriptions, I wanted to post this to the 
list itself for reference and as a guide for discussion.

The FreeBSD accessibility mailing list is for discussing accessibility 
of the base FreeBSD system.

Intended audience:
- FreeBSD users or would-be users with disabilities.
- FreeBSD contributors interested in designing, implementing, and or 
documenting accessibility features.

On-topic (examples):
- Reports of inaccessible or poorly accessible FreeBSD features and of 
unmet accessibility requirements.
- Discussion of FreeBSD accessibility features and of accessibility 
enhancements (specification, design, testing, and feedback).
- Questions about FreeBSD accessibility features and how to use them.
- Reports and discussion of application accessibility problems specific 
to FreeBSD.

Off-topic (examples):
- Application accessibility other than application accessibility 
problems specific to FreeBSD.
- Software accessibility in general.
- Discussion of accessibility or disability in general.

Very important note:

Knowing why an accessibility feature or requested change is needed or 
useful can sometimes inform how it should be designed or implemented, 
and thus may be useful for developers to know. However, unless they have 
accessibility needs the contemplated feature or change would help with 
(or, as it sometimes happen, hinder), they should assume that it is 
indeed needed or useful and refrain from arguing otherwise. Respectfully 
suggesting existing alternatives might be acceptable in some cases, but 
always be prepared to take "no, that doesn't work for me" (with or 
without elaboration) for an answer gracefully and to leave it at that. 
Remember that the user with a certain disability or set of disabilities 
is the expert, sometimes the life-long expert, on the ways they use 
computers, and thus their word is final.

Pau Amma