git: 7b43fba03a9c - main - Mark FDT only drivers as such

From: Andrew Turner <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 16:11:35 UTC
The branch main has been updated by andrew:


commit 7b43fba03a9c19a6a05d7b78ba1fcd72901e7556
Author:     Andrew Turner <>
AuthorDate: 2022-10-27 15:57:23 +0000
Commit:     Andrew Turner <>
CommitDate: 2022-10-27 16:06:15 +0000

    Mark FDT only drivers as such
    These drivers have FDT bindings, but not ACPI. Mark them as FDT only
    to help a no-FDT LINT kernel build.
    Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
 sys/conf/files       |  6 +++---
 sys/conf/files.arm64 | 28 ++++++++++++++--------------
 2 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

diff --git a/sys/conf/files b/sys/conf/files
index 563054bbac3b..5a74f1b1f1bb 100644
--- a/sys/conf/files
+++ b/sys/conf/files
@@ -1711,7 +1711,7 @@ dev/etherswitch/ip17x/ip17x_phy.c	optional ip17x
 dev/etherswitch/ip17x/ip17x_vlans.c	optional ip17x
 dev/etherswitch/miiproxy.c		optional miiproxy
 dev/etherswitch/rtl8366/rtl8366rb.c	optional rtl8366rb
-dev/etherswitch/e6000sw/e6000sw.c	optional e6000sw
+dev/etherswitch/e6000sw/e6000sw.c	optional e6000sw fdt
 dev/etherswitch/e6000sw/e6060sw.c	optional e6060sw
 dev/etherswitch/infineon/adm6996fc.c	optional adm6996fc
 dev/etherswitch/micrel/ksz8995ma.c	optional ksz8995ma
@@ -3223,7 +3223,7 @@ dev/uart/uart_cpu_acpi.c	optional uart acpi
 dev/uart/uart_dbg.c		optional uart gdb
 dev/uart/uart_dev_imx.c		optional uart uart_imx fdt
 dev/uart/uart_dev_msm.c		optional uart uart_msm fdt
-dev/uart/uart_dev_mvebu.c	optional uart uart_mvebu
+dev/uart/uart_dev_mvebu.c	optional uart uart_mvebu fdt
 dev/uart/uart_dev_ns8250.c	optional uart uart_ns8250 | uart uart_snps
 dev/uart/uart_dev_pl011.c	optional uart pl011
 dev/uart/uart_dev_quicc.c	optional uart quicc
@@ -3494,7 +3494,7 @@ wpi.fw			optional wpifw					\
 	compile-with	"${NORMAL_FW}"					\
 	no-obj no-implicit-rule						\
 	clean		"wpi.fw"
-dev/xdma/controller/pl330.c	optional xdma pl330
+dev/xdma/controller/pl330.c	optional xdma pl330 fdt
 dev/xdma/xdma.c			optional xdma
 dev/xdma/xdma_bank.c		optional xdma
 dev/xdma/xdma_bio.c		optional xdma
diff --git a/sys/conf/files.arm64 b/sys/conf/files.arm64
index 8b6ba43d2a3d..a1392238cb5c 100644
--- a/sys/conf/files.arm64
+++ b/sys/conf/files.arm64
@@ -170,15 +170,15 @@ dev/sound/fdt/simple_amplifier.c		optional sound fdt
 ## Device drivers
-dev/axgbe/if_axgbe.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-desc.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-dev.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-drv.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-mdio.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-sysctl.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-txrx.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe_osdep.c				optional axa
-dev/axgbe/xgbe-phy-v1.c				optional axa
+dev/axgbe/if_axgbe.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-desc.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-dev.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-drv.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-mdio.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-sysctl.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-txrx.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe_osdep.c				optional axa fdt
+dev/axgbe/xgbe-phy-v1.c				optional axa fdt
 dev/cpufreq/cpufreq_dt.c			optional cpufreq fdt
@@ -321,7 +321,7 @@ dev/sdhci/sdhci_xenon_acpi.c			optional sdhci_xenon sdhci acpi
 dev/sdhci/sdhci_xenon_fdt.c			optional sdhci_xenon sdhci fdt
 dev/uart/uart_cpu_arm64.c			optional uart
-dev/uart/uart_dev_mu.c				optional uart uart_mu
+dev/uart/uart_dev_mu.c				optional uart uart_mu fdt
 dev/uart/uart_dev_pl011.c			optional uart pl011
 dev/usb/controller/dwc_otg_hisi.c		optional dwcotg fdt soc_hisi_hi6220
@@ -354,8 +354,8 @@ dev/vnic/lmac_if.m				optional inet | inet6 | vnic
 # Allwinner common files
 arm/allwinner/a10_timer.c			optional a10_timer fdt
-arm/allwinner/a10_codec.c			optional sound a10_codec
-arm/allwinner/a31_dmac.c			optional a31_dmac
+arm/allwinner/a10_codec.c			optional sound a10_codec fdt
+arm/allwinner/a31_dmac.c			optional a31_dmac fdt
 arm/allwinner/a33_codec.c			optional fdt sound a33_codec
 arm/allwinner/a64/sun50i_a64_acodec.c		optional fdt sound a64_codec
 arm/allwinner/sunxi_dma_if.m			optional a31_dmac
@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2836.c				optional soc_brcm_bcm2837 fdt | soc_brcm_bcm28
 arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm283x_dwc_fdt.c			optional dwcotg fdt soc_brcm_bcm2837 | dwcotg fdt soc_brcm_bcm2838
 arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2838_pci.c			optional soc_brcm_bcm2838 fdt pci
 arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2838_xhci.c			optional soc_brcm_bcm2838 fdt pci xhci
-arm/broadcom/bcm2835/raspberrypi_gpio.c			optional soc_brcm_bcm2837 gpio | soc_brcm_bcm2838 gpio
+arm/broadcom/bcm2835/raspberrypi_gpio.c			optional soc_brcm_bcm2837 gpio fdt | soc_brcm_bcm2838 gpio fdt
 contrib/vchiq/interface/compat/vchi_bsd.c		optional vchiq soc_brcm_bcm2837 \
 	compile-with "${NORMAL_C} -DUSE_VCHIQ_ARM -D__VCCOREVER__=0x04000000 -I$S/contrib/vchiq"
 contrib/vchiq/interface/vchiq_arm/vchiq_2835_arm.c	optional vchiq soc_brcm_bcm2837 \
@@ -623,7 +623,7 @@ arm64/rockchip/clk/rk3399_cru.c			optional fdt soc_rockchip_rk3399
 arm64/rockchip/clk/rk3399_pmucru.c		optional fdt soc_rockchip_rk3399
 # Xilinx
-arm/xilinx/uart_dev_cdnc.c			optional uart soc_xilinx_zynq
+arm/xilinx/uart_dev_cdnc.c			optional uart soc_xilinx_zynq fdt
 # Microsoft Hyper-V
 dev/hyperv/vmbus/hyperv.c		optional	hyperv