git: a6f0e10b24b6 - main - Merge bmake-20220208

From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2022 17:32:07 UTC
The branch main has been updated by sjg:


commit a6f0e10b24b6011dd5f71c99848ddeef264d9ac9
Merge: edfb339d3868 535c59a6a921
Author:     Simon J. Gerraty <>
AuthorDate: 2022-02-09 17:25:03 +0000
Commit:     Simon J. Gerraty <>
CommitDate: 2022-02-09 17:31:30 +0000

    Merge bmake-20220208
            * unit-tests/Makefile: disable opt-debug-x-trace on Linux if there
            is any chance we have dash as .SHELL
            * meta.c: use a variable to hold command line to be filtered
            to avoid any side effects from content of command line.
    Merge commit '535c59a6a9214436f5d6643775d29808e4b3408d'

 contrib/bmake/ChangeLog                     | 11 +++++++
 contrib/bmake/FILES                         |  2 ++
 contrib/bmake/VERSION                       |  2 +-
 contrib/bmake/meta.c                        | 25 ++++++---------
 contrib/bmake/mk/ChangeLog                  | 11 +++++++
 contrib/bmake/mk/                 |  7 +++-
 contrib/bmake/mk/install-mk                 |  4 +--
 contrib/bmake/mk/                | 20 ++++++++++--
 contrib/bmake/                         |  0
 contrib/bmake/parse.c                       |  5 ++-
 contrib/bmake/unit-tests/Makefile           | 19 ++++++++---
 contrib/bmake/unit-tests/suff-use.exp       |  7 ++++
 contrib/bmake/unit-tests/        | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 contrib/bmake/unit-tests/ | 31 +++++++++++++++++-
 usr.bin/bmake/Makefile.config               |  2 +-
 usr.bin/bmake/unit-tests/Makefile           | 16 +++++++--
 16 files changed, 178 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

diff --cc contrib/bmake/
index 1fc66ecc6a63,1fc66ecc6a63..1fc66ecc6a63
mode 100644,100755..100755
--- a/contrib/bmake/
+++ b/contrib/bmake/
diff --cc contrib/bmake/unit-tests/suff-use.exp
index 000000000000,4a9374d8e156..4a9374d8e156
mode 000000,100644..100644
--- a/contrib/bmake/unit-tests/suff-use.exp
+++ b/contrib/bmake/unit-tests/suff-use.exp
diff --cc contrib/bmake/unit-tests/
index 000000000000,954c846b41fa..954c846b41fa
mode 000000,100644..100644
--- a/contrib/bmake/unit-tests/
+++ b/contrib/bmake/unit-tests/
diff --cc usr.bin/bmake/Makefile.config
index ea46f5795b27,000000000000..bf3e401548ad
mode 100644,000000..100644
--- a/usr.bin/bmake/Makefile.config
+++ b/usr.bin/bmake/Makefile.config
@@@ -1,27 -1,0 +1,27 @@@
 +# This is a generated file, do NOT edit!
 +# See contrib/bmake/
 +# $FreeBSD$
 +# things set by configure
- _MAKE_VERSION?=20220204
 +prefix?= /usr
 +srcdir= ${SRCTOP}/contrib/bmake
 +CC?= cc
 +DEFAULT_SYS_PATH?= .../share/mk:/usr/share/mk
 +LIBOBJS+=  ${LIBOBJDIR}stresep$U.o
 +USE_META?= yes
 +FILEMON_H?= /usr/include/dev/filemon/filemon.h
 +# used if MAXPATHLEN not defined
diff --cc usr.bin/bmake/unit-tests/Makefile
index 348fc0614c1b,000000000000..4b3f49bb07b2
mode 100644,000000..100644
--- a/usr.bin/bmake/unit-tests/Makefile
+++ b/usr.bin/bmake/unit-tests/Makefile
@@@ -1,812 -1,0 +1,824 @@@
 +# This is a generated file, do NOT edit!
 +# See contrib/bmake/
 +# $FreeBSD$
- # $Id: Makefile,v 1.171 2022/01/28 21:33:18 sjg Exp $
++# $Id: Makefile,v 1.174 2022/02/09 02:42:59 sjg Exp $
- # $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.302 2022/01/27 21:50:50 sjg Exp $
++# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.303 2022/02/07 22:43:50 rillig Exp $
 +# Unit tests for make(1)
 +# The main targets are:
 +# all:
 +#	run all the tests
 +# test:
 +#	run 'all', and compare to expected results
 +# accept:
 +#	move generated output to expected results
 +# Settable variables
 +#	The make program to be tested.
 +# Adding a test case
 +# Each feature should get its own set of tests in its own suitably
 +# named makefile (*.mk), with its own set of expected results (*.exp),
 +# and it should be added to the TESTS list.
 +# A few *.mk files are helper files for other tests (such as
 +# and are thus not added to TESTS.  Such files must be ignored in
 +# src/tests/usr.bin/make/
 +.MAIN: all
 +# we use these below but we might be an older make
 +.MAKE.OS?= ${uname -s:L:sh}
 +.MAKE.UID?= ${id -u:L:sh}
 +# Each test is in a sub-makefile.
 +# Keep the list sorted.
 +# Any test that is commented out must be ignored in
 +# src/tests/usr.bin/make/ as well.
 +#TESTS+=		archive
 +#TESTS+=		archive-suffix
 +TESTS+=		cmd-errors
 +TESTS+=		cmd-errors-jobs
 +TESTS+=		cmd-errors-lint
 +TESTS+=		cmd-interrupt
 +TESTS+=		cmdline
 +TESTS+=		cmdline-redirect-stdin
 +TESTS+=		cmdline-undefined
 +TESTS+=		comment
 +TESTS+=		compat-error
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-eq
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-ge
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-gt
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-le
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-lt
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-numeric-ne
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-string
 +TESTS+=		cond-cmp-unary
 +TESTS+=		cond-eof
 +TESTS+=		cond-func
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-commands
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-defined
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-empty
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-exists
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-make
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-make-main
 +TESTS+=		cond-func-target
 +TESTS+=		cond-late
 +TESTS+=		cond-op
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-and
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-and-lint
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-not
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-or
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-or-lint
 +TESTS+=		cond-op-parentheses
 +TESTS+=		cond-short
 +TESTS+=		cond-token-number
 +TESTS+=		cond-token-plain
 +TESTS+=		cond-token-string
 +TESTS+=		cond-token-var
 +TESTS+=		cond-undef-lint
 +TESTS+=		cond1
 +TESTS+=		counter
 +TESTS+=		counter-append
 +TESTS+=		dep
 +TESTS+=		dep-colon
 +TESTS+=		dep-colon-bug-cross-file
 +TESTS+=		dep-double-colon
 +TESTS+=		dep-double-colon-indep
 +TESTS+=		dep-duplicate
 +TESTS+=		dep-exclam
 +TESTS+=		dep-none
 +TESTS+=		dep-op-missing
 +TESTS+=		dep-percent
 +TESTS+=		dep-var
 +TESTS+=		dep-wildcards
 +TESTS+=		depsrc
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-end
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-exec
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-ignore
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-made
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-make
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-meta
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-nometa
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-nometa_cmp
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-nopath
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-notmain
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-optional
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-phony
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-precious
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-recursive
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-silent
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-use
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-usebefore
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-usebefore-double-colon
 +TESTS+=		depsrc-wait
 +TESTS+=		deptgt
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-begin
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-begin-fail
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-begin-fail-indirect
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-default
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-delete_on_error
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-end
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-end-fail
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-end-fail-all
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-end-fail-indirect
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-end-jobs
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-error
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-ignore
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-interrupt
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-main
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-makeflags
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-no_parallel
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-nopath
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-notparallel
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-objdir
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-order
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-path
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-path-suffix
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-phony
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-precious
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-shell
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-silent
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-stale
 +TESTS+=		deptgt-suffixes
 +TESTS+=		dir
 +TESTS+=		dir-expand-path
 +TESTS+=		directive
 +TESTS+=		directive-dinclude
 +TESTS+=		directive-elif
 +TESTS+=		directive-elifdef
 +TESTS+=		directive-elifmake
 +TESTS+=		directive-elifndef
 +TESTS+=		directive-elifnmake
 +TESTS+=		directive-else
 +TESTS+=		directive-endfor
 +TESTS+=		directive-endif
 +TESTS+=		directive-error
 +TESTS+=		directive-export
 +TESTS+=		directive-export-env
 +TESTS+=		directive-export-impl
 +TESTS+=		directive-export-gmake
 +TESTS+=		directive-export-literal
 +TESTS+=		directive-for
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-errors
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-escape
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-generating-endif
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-if
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-lines
 +TESTS+=		directive-for-null
 +TESTS+=		directive-hyphen-include
 +TESTS+=		directive-if
 +TESTS+=		directive-if-nested
 +TESTS+=		directive-ifdef
 +TESTS+=		directive-ifmake
 +TESTS+=		directive-ifndef
 +TESTS+=		directive-ifnmake
 +TESTS+=		directive-include
 +TESTS+=		directive-include-fatal
 +TESTS+=		directive-info
 +TESTS+=		directive-misspellings
 +TESTS+=		directive-sinclude
 +TESTS+=		directive-undef
 +TESTS+=		directive-unexport
 +TESTS+=		directive-unexport-env
 +TESTS+=		directive-warning
 +TESTS+=		dollar
 +TESTS+=		doterror
 +TESTS+=		dotwait
 +TESTS+=		error
 +TESTS+=		# escape	# broken by reverting POSIX changes
 +TESTS+=		export
 +TESTS+=		export-all
 +TESTS+=		export-env
 +TESTS+=		export-variants
 +TESTS+=		forloop
 +TESTS+=		forsubst
 +TESTS+=		gnode-submake
 +TESTS+=		hanoi-include
 +TESTS+=		impsrc
 +TESTS+=		include-main
 +TESTS+=		job-flags
 +#TESTS+=		job-output-long-lines
 +TESTS+=		job-output-null
 +TESTS+=		jobs-empty-commands
 +TESTS+=		jobs-empty-commands-error
 +TESTS+=		jobs-error-indirect
 +TESTS+=		jobs-error-nested
 +TESTS+=		jobs-error-nested-make
 +TESTS+=		lint
 +TESTS+=		make-exported
 +TESTS+=		meta-cmd-cmp
 +TESTS+=		moderrs
 +TESTS+=		modmatch
 +TESTS+=		modmisc
 +.if ${.MAKE.UID} > 0
 +TESTS+=		objdir-writable
 +TESTS+=		opt
 +TESTS+=		opt-backwards
 +TESTS+=		opt-chdir
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-all
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-archive
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-curdir
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-cond
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-dir
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-errors
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-errors-jobs
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-file
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-for
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-graph1
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-graph2
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-graph3
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-hash
 +#TESTS+=		opt-debug-jobs
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-lint
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-loud
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-meta
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-making
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-no-rm
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-parse
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-suff
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-targets
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-varraw
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-var
 +TESTS+=		opt-debug-x-trace
 +TESTS+=		opt-define
 +TESTS+=		opt-env
 +TESTS+=		opt-file
 +TESTS+=		opt-ignore
 +TESTS+=		opt-include-dir
 +TESTS+=		opt-jobs
 +TESTS+=		opt-jobs-internal
 +TESTS+=		opt-jobs-no-action
 +TESTS+=		opt-keep-going
 +TESTS+=		opt-keep-going-multiple
 +TESTS+=		opt-m-include-dir
 +TESTS+=		opt-no-action
 +TESTS+=		opt-no-action-at-all
 +TESTS+=		opt-no-action-runflags
 +TESTS+=		opt-no-action-touch
 +TESTS+=		opt-query
 +TESTS+=		opt-raw
 +TESTS+=		opt-silent
 +TESTS+=		opt-touch
 +TESTS+=		opt-touch-jobs
 +TESTS+=		opt-tracefile
 +TESTS+=		opt-var-expanded
 +TESTS+=		opt-var-literal
 +TESTS+=		opt-version
 +TESTS+=		opt-warnings-as-errors
 +TESTS+=		opt-where-am-i
 +TESTS+=		opt-x-reduce-exported
 +TESTS+=		order
 +TESTS+=		parse
 +TESTS+=		parse-var
 +TESTS+=		phony-end
 +TESTS+=		posix
 +TESTS+=		# posix1	# broken by reverting POSIX changes
 +TESTS+=		recursive
 +TESTS+=		sh
 +TESTS+=		sh-dots
 +TESTS+=		sh-errctl
 +TESTS+=		sh-flags
 +TESTS+=		sh-jobs
 +TESTS+=		sh-jobs-error
 +TESTS+=		sh-leading-at
 +TESTS+=		sh-leading-hyphen
 +TESTS+=		sh-leading-plus
 +TESTS+=		sh-meta-chars
 +TESTS+=		sh-multi-line
 +TESTS+=		sh-single-line
 +TESTS+=		shell-csh
 +TESTS+=		shell-custom
 +.if exists(/bin/ksh)
 +TESTS+=		shell-ksh
 +TESTS+=		shell-sh
 +TESTS+=		suff-add-later
 +TESTS+=		suff-clear-regular
 +TESTS+=		suff-clear-single
 +TESTS+=		suff-incomplete
 +TESTS+=		suff-lookup
 +TESTS+=		suff-main
 +TESTS+=		suff-main-several
 +TESTS+=		suff-phony
 +TESTS+=		suff-rebuild
 +TESTS+=		suff-self
 +TESTS+=		suff-transform-debug
 +TESTS+=		suff-transform-endless
 +TESTS+=		suff-transform-expand
 +TESTS+=		suff-transform-select
++TESTS+=		suff-use
 +TESTS+=		sunshcmd
 +TESTS+=		ternary
 +TESTS+=		unexport
 +TESTS+=		unexport-env
 +TESTS+=		use-inference
 +TESTS+=		var-scope
 +TESTS+=		var-scope-cmdline
 +TESTS+=		var-scope-env
 +TESTS+=		var-scope-global
 +TESTS+=		var-scope-local
 +TESTS+=		var-scope-local-legacy
 +TESTS+=		var-eval-short
 +TESTS+=		var-op
 +TESTS+=		var-op-append
 +TESTS+=		var-op-assign
 +TESTS+=		var-op-default
 +TESTS+=		var-op-expand
 +TESTS+=		var-op-shell
 +TESTS+=		var-op-sunsh
 +TESTS+=		var-recursive
 +TESTS+=		varcmd
 +TESTS+=		vardebug
 +TESTS+=		varfind
 +TESTS+=		varmisc
 +TESTS+=		varmod
 +TESTS+=		varmod-assign
 +TESTS+=		varmod-assign-shell
 +TESTS+=		varmod-defined
 +TESTS+=		varmod-edge
 +TESTS+=		varmod-exclam-shell
 +TESTS+=		varmod-extension
 +TESTS+=		varmod-gmtime
 +TESTS+=		varmod-hash
 +TESTS+=		varmod-head
 +TESTS+=		varmod-ifelse
 +TESTS+=		varmod-indirect
 +TESTS+=		varmod-l-name-to-value
 +TESTS+=		varmod-localtime
 +TESTS+=		varmod-loop
 +TESTS+=		varmod-loop-delete
 +TESTS+=		varmod-loop-varname
 +TESTS+=		varmod-match
 +TESTS+=		varmod-match-escape
 +TESTS+=		varmod-no-match
 +TESTS+=		varmod-order
 +TESTS+=		varmod-order-numeric
 +TESTS+=		varmod-order-reverse
 +TESTS+=		varmod-order-shuffle
 +TESTS+=		varmod-order-string
 +TESTS+=		varmod-path
 +TESTS+=		varmod-quote
 +TESTS+=		varmod-quote-dollar
 +TESTS+=		varmod-range
 +TESTS+=		varmod-remember
 +TESTS+=		varmod-root
 +TESTS+=		varmod-select-words
 +TESTS+=		varmod-shell
 +TESTS+=		varmod-subst
 +TESTS+=		varmod-subst-regex
 +TESTS+=		varmod-sun-shell
 +TESTS+=		varmod-sysv
 +TESTS+=		varmod-tail
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-abs
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-lower
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-many-words
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-one-word
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-separator
 +TESTS+=		varmod-to-upper
 +TESTS+=		varmod-undefined
 +TESTS+=		varmod-unique
 +TESTS+=		varname
 +TESTS+=		varname-dollar
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-alltargets
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-curdir
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-includes
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-includedfromdir
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-includedfromfile
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-libs
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-dependfile
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-expand_variables
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-exported
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-jobs
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-jobs-prefix
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-level
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-makefile_preference
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-makefiles
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-bailiwick
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-created
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-files
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-ignore_filter
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-ignore_paths
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-ignore_patterns
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-meta-prefix
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-mode
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-path_filemon
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-pid
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-ppid
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-make-save_dollars
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-makeflags
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-makeoverrides
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-newline
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-objdir
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-parsedir
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-parsefile
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-path
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-shell
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-suffixes
 +TESTS+=		varname-dot-targets
 +TESTS+=		varname-empty
 +TESTS+=		varname-make
 +TESTS+=		varname-make_print_var_on_error
 +TESTS+=		varname-make_print_var_on_error-jobs
 +TESTS+=		varname-makefile
 +TESTS+=		varname-makeflags
 +TESTS+=		varname-pwd
 +TESTS+=		varname-vpath
 +TESTS+=		varparse-dynamic
 +TESTS+=		varparse-errors
 +TESTS+=		varparse-mod
 +TESTS+=		varparse-undef-partial
 +TESTS+=		varquote
 +# for now at least
 +.if ${.SHELL:T} == "ksh"
 +BROKEN_TESTS+= sh-flags
 +.if ${.MAKE.OS:NDarwin} == ""
 +BROKEN_TESTS+= shell-ksh
++.if ${.MAKE.OS} == "Linux" && ${.SHELL:tA:T} != "bash"
++.if exists(/etc/os-release)
++distro!= . /etc/os-release && echo $$NAME
++# dash fails -x output
++# .SHELL is not bash so may be dash
++# if distro is Ubuntu or we cannot tell, assume the worst
++.if ${distro:U:NUbuntu} == ""
++BROKEN_TESTS+= opt-debug-x-trace
 +.if ${.MAKE.OS} == "SCO_SV"
 +	opt-debug-graph[23] \
 +	varmod-localtime \
 +	varmod-to-separator \
 +.if ${.SHELL:T} == "bash"
 +BROKEN_TESTS+= job-output-null
 +	cmd-interrupt \
 +	job-flags \
 +# Some tests just do not work on some platforms or environments
 +# so allow for some filtering.
 +.if !empty(BROKEN_TESTS)
 +.warning Skipping broken tests: ${BROKEN_TESTS:O:u}
 +# Ideas for more tests:
 +#	posix-*.mk (see and
 +# Additional environment variables for some of the tests.
 +# The base environment is -i PATH="$PATH".
 +ENV.depsrc-optional+=   TZ=UTC
 +ENV.envfirst=		FROM_ENV=value-from-env
 +ENV.varmisc=		FROM_ENV=env
 +ENV.varmisc+=		FROM_ENV_BEFORE=env
 +ENV.varmisc+=		FROM_ENV_AFTER=env
 +ENV.varmod-localtime+=	TZ=${UTC_1:UEurope/Berlin}
 +ENV.varname-vpath+=	VPATH=varname-vpath.dir:varname-vpath.dir2
 +# Override make flags for some of the tests; default is -k.
 +# If possible, write ".MAKEFLAGS: -dv" in the test .mk file instead of
 +# settings FLAGS.test=-dv here, since that is closer to the test code.
 +FLAGS.cond-func-make=		via-cmdline
 +FLAGS.doterror=			# none, especially not -k	# none, especially not -k	# none, especially not -k	# none, especially not -k
 +FLAGS.varname-empty=		-dv '$${:U}=cmdline-u' '=cmdline-plain'
 +# Some tests need extra postprocessing.
 +SED_CMDS.dir=		${:D remove output from -DCLEANUP mode }
 +SED_CMDS.dir+=		-e '/^OpenDirs_Done:/d'
 +SED_CMDS.dir+=		-e '/^CachedDir /d'
 +SED_CMDS.export=	-e '/^[^=_A-Za-z0-9]*=/d'
 +SED_CMDS.export-all=	${SED_CMDS.export}
 +SED_CMDS.export-env=	${SED_CMDS.export}
 +SED_CMDS.cmdline=	-e 's,uid${.MAKE.UID}/,,'
 +SED_CMDS.job-output-long-lines= \
 +	${:D Job separators on their own line are ok. } \
 +	-e '/^--- job-[ab] ---$$/d' \
 +	${:D Plain output lines are ok as well. } \
 +	${:D They may come in multiples of 1024 or as 10000. } \
 +	-e '/^aa*$$/d' \
 +	-e '/^bb*$$/d' \
 +	${:D The following lines should rather not occur since the job } \
 +	${:D marker should always be at the beginning of the line. } \
 +	-e '/^aa*--- job-b ---$$/d' \
 +	-e '/^bb*--- job-a ---$$/d'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-chdir=		-e 's,\(nonexistent\).[1-9][0-9]*,\1,' \
 +	-e '/name/s,file,File,' \
 +	-e 's,no such,No such,' \
 +	-e 's,Filename,File name,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-graph1=	${STD_SED_CMDS.dg1}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-graph2=	${STD_SED_CMDS.dg2}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-graph3=	${STD_SED_CMDS.dg3}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-hash=	-e 's,\(numEntries\)=[1-9][0-9],\1=<entries>,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs=	-e 's,([0-9][0-9]*),(<pid>),'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs+=	-e 's,pid [0-9][0-9]*,pid <pid>,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs+=	-e 's,Process [0-9][0-9]*,Process <pid>,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs+=	-e 's,JobFinish: [0-9][0-9]*,JobFinish: <pid>,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs+=	-e 's,Command: ${.SHELL:T},Command: <shell>,'
 +# The "-q" may be there or not, see jobs.c, variable shells.
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-jobs+=	-e 's,^\(.Command: <shell>\) -q,\1,'
 +SED_CMDS.opt-debug-lint+=	${STD_SED_CMDS.regex}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-jobs-no-action=	${STD_SED_CMDS.hide-from-output}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-no-action-runflags= ${STD_SED_CMDS.hide-from-output}
 +SED_CMDS.opt-where-am-i=	-e '/usr.obj/d'
 +# For Compat_RunCommand, useShell == false.		-e 's,^.*\.\.\.:.*,<not found: ...>,'
 +# For Compat_RunCommand, useShell == true.		-e 's,^make: exec(\(.*\)) failed (.*)$$,<not found: \1>,'		-e 's,^\(\*\*\* Error code \)[1-9][0-9]*,\1<nonzero>,'		${}		${STD_SED_CMDS.hide-from-output}		${STD_SED_CMDS.white-space}
 +SED_CMDS.suff-main+=		${STD_SED_CMDS.dg1}
 +SED_CMDS.suff-main-several+=	${STD_SED_CMDS.dg1}
 +SED_CMDS.suff-transform-debug+=	${STD_SED_CMDS.dg1}
 +SED_CMDS.var-op-shell+=		${}
 +SED_CMDS.var-op-shell+=		-e '/command/s,No such.*,not found,'
 +SED_CMDS.var-op-shell+=		${STD_SED_CMDS.white-space}
 +SED_CMDS.vardebug+=		-e 's,${.SHELL},</path/to/shell>,'
 +SED_CMDS.varmod-subst-regex+=	${STD_SED_CMDS.regex}
 +SED_CMDS.varname-dot-parsedir=	-e '/in some cases/ s,^make: "[^"]*,make: "<normalized>,'
 +SED_CMDS.varname-dot-parsefile=	-e '/in some cases/ s,^make: "[^"]*,make: "<normalized>,'
 +SED_CMDS.varname-dot-shell=	-e 's, = /[^ ]*, = (details omitted),g'
 +SED_CMDS.varname-dot-shell+=	-e 's,"/[^" ]*","(details omitted)",g'
 +SED_CMDS.varname-dot-shell+=	-e 's,\[/[^] ]*\],[(details omitted)],g'
 +SED_CMDS.varname-empty=		${.OBJDIR .PARSEDIR .PATH .SHELL:L:@v@-e '/\\$v/d'@}
 +# Some tests need an additional round of postprocessing.
 +POSTPROC.deptgt-suffixes=	awk '/^\#\*\*\* Suffixes/,/^never-stop/'
 +POSTPROC.gnode-submake=		awk '/Input graph/, /^$$/'
 +# Some tests reuse other tests, which makes them unnecessarily fragile.
 +# End of the configuration section.
 +# Some standard sed commands, to be used in the SED_CMDS above.
 +# Omit details such as process IDs from the output of the -dg1 option.
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1=	-e '/\#.* \.$$/d'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e '/^MAKE_VERSION/d;/^\#.*\/mk/d'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,  ${DEFSYSPATH:U/usr/share/mk}$$,  <defsyspath>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,^\(\.MAKE *=\) .*,\1 <details omitted>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,^\(\.MAKE\.[A-Z_]* *=\) .*,\1 <details omitted>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,^\(MACHINE[_ARCH]* *=\) .*,\1 <details omitted>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,^\(MAKE *=\) .*,\1 <details omitted>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg1+=	-e 's,^\(\.SHELL *=\) .*,\1 <details omitted>,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.dg2+=	-e 's,\(last modified\) ..:..:.. ... ..\, ....,\1 <timestamp>,'
 +# Omit details such as process IDs from the output of the -dj option. \
 +	-e '/Process/d;/JobFinish:/d' \
 +	-e 's,^\(Job_TokenWithdraw\)([0-9]*),\1(<pid>),' \
 +	-e 's,^([0-9][0-9]*) \(withdrew token\),(<pid>) \1,' \
 +	-e 's, \(pid\) [0-9][0-9]*, \1 <pid>,' \
 +	-e 's,^\(	Command:\) .*,\1 <shell>,'
 +# Reduce the noise for tests running with the -n option, since there is no
 +# other way to suppress the echoing of the commands.
 +STD_SED_CMDS.hide-from-output= \
 +	-e '/^echo hide-from-output/d' \
 +	-e 's,hide-from-output ,,' \
 +	-e 's,hide-from-output,,'
 +# Normalize the output for error messages from the shell.
 +# $shell -c '...'
 +#	NetBSD sh	...: not found
 +#	NetBSD ksh	ksh: ...: not found
 +#	bash 5.0.18	bash: ...: command not found
 +#	bash 5.1.0	bash: line 1: ...: command not found
 +#	dash		dash: 1: ...: not found
 +# $shell -c '< /nonexistent'
 +#	NetBSD sh	sh: cannot open /nonexistent: no such file
 +#	NetBSD ksh	ksh: cannot open /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	bash 5.0.18	bash: /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	bash 5.1.0	bash: line 1: /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	dash		dash: 1: cannot open /nonexistent: No such file
 +# echo '< /nonexistent' | $shell
 +#	NetBSD sh	sh: cannot open /nonexistent: no such file
 +#	NetBSD ksh	ksh: <stdin>[1]: cannot open /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	bash 5.0.18	bash: line 1: /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	bash 5.1.0	bash: line 1: /nonexistent: No such file or directory
 +#	dash		dash: 1: cannot open /nonexistent: No such file
 +#		-e 's,^${.SHELL:T}: line [0-9][0-9]*: ,,'		-e 's,^${.SHELL:T}: [0-9][0-9]*: ,,'		-e 's,^${.SHELL:T}: ,,'
 +STD_SED_CMDS.white-space=	-e 's,   *, ,g' -e 's,  *$$,,'
 +# The actual error messages for a failed regcomp or regexec differ between the
 +# implementations.
 +STD_SED_CMDS.regex= \
 +	-e 's,\(Regex compilation error:\).*,\1 (details omitted),'
 +# End of the configuration helpers section.
 +.sinclude ""
 +.sinclude "Makefile.config"
 +UNIT_TESTS:= ${srcdir}
 +.if ${USE_ABSOLUTE_TESTNAMES:Uno} == yes
 +OUTFILES=	${TESTS:@test@${.CURDIR:tA}/${test}.out@}
 +OUTFILES=	${TESTS:=.out}
 +all: ${OUTFILES}
 +CLEANFILES=		*.rawout *.out *.status *.tmp *.core *.tmp
 +CLEANFILES+=		obj*.[och] lib*.a	#
 +CLEANFILES+=		issue* .[ab]*		#
 +CLEANDIRS=		dir dummy		#
 +	rm -f ${CLEANFILES}
 +	rm -rf ${CLEANDIRS}
 +TOOL_SED?=	sed
 +TOOL_TR?=	tr
 +TOOL_DIFF?=	diff
 +.if defined(.PARSEDIR)
 +# ensure consistent results from sort(1)
 +LC_ALL=		C
 +LANG=		C
 +.export LANG LC_ALL
 +.if ${.MAKE.MODE:Unormal:Mmeta} != ""
 +# we don't need the noise
 +# for many tests we need a TMPDIR that will not collide
 +# with other users.
 +.if ${.OBJDIR} != ${.CURDIR}
 +# easy
 +TMPDIR:=	${.OBJDIR}/tmp
 +.elif defined(TMPDIR)
 +TMPDIR:=	/tmp/uid${.MAKE.UID}
 +# make sure it exists
 +.if !exist(${TMPDIR})
 +x!= echo; mkdir -p ${TMPDIR}
 +MAKE_TEST_ENV=	MALLOC_OPTIONS="JA"	# for jemalloc 100
 +MAKE_TEST_ENV+=	MALLOC_CONF="junk:true"	# for jemalloc 510
 +.if ${.MAKE.OS} == "NetBSD"
 +LIMIT_RESOURCES?=	ulimit -v 200000
 +# Each test is run in a sub-make, to keep the tests for interfering with
 +# each other, and because they use different environment variables and
 +# command line options.
 +.SUFFIXES: .mk .rawout .out
 +	@${_MKMSG_TEST:Uecho '#      test '} ${.PREFIX}
 +	@set -eu; \
 +	cd ${.OBJDIR}; \
 +	env -i PATH="$$PATH" ${MAKE_TEST_ENV} ${ENV.${.PREFIX:T}} \
 +	  ${TEST_MAKE} \
 +	    -r -C ${.CURDIR} -f ${.IMPSRC} \
 +	    ${FLAGS.${.PREFIX:T}:U-k} \
 +	    > ${.TARGET}.tmp 2>&1 \
 +	&& status=$$? || status=$$?; \
 +	echo $$status > ${.TARGET:R}.status
 +	@mv ${.TARGET}.tmp ${.TARGET}
 +# Postprocess the test output so that the results can be compared.
 +# always pretend .MAKE was called 'make'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,^${TEST_MAKE:T:S,.,\\.,g}[][0-9]*:,make:,'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${TEST_MAKE:S,.,\\.,g},make,'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${TEST_MAKE:T:S,.,\\.,g}[][0-9]* warning,make warning,'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,^usage: ${TEST_MAKE:T:S,.,\\.,g} ,usage: make ,'
 +# replace anything after 'stopped in' with unit-tests
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e '/stopped/s, /.*, unit-tests,'
 +# Allow the test files to be placed anywhere.
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,\(\.PARSEDIR}\) = `'"/[^']*'"',\1 = <some-dir>,'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,\(\.INCLUDEDFROMDIR}\) = `'"/[^']*'"',\1 = <some-dir>,'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${TMPDIR},TMPDIR,g'
 +# canonicalize ${.OBJDIR} and ${.CURDIR}
 +.if ${.OBJDIR} != ${.CURDIR}
 +# yes this is inaccurate but none of the tests expect <objdir> anywhere
 +# which we get depending on how MAKEOBJDIR is set.
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${.OBJDIR},<curdir>,g'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${.CURDIR},<curdir>,g'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,<curdir>/,,g'
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,${UNIT_TESTS:S,.,\\.,g}/,,g'
 +# on AT&T derived systems: false exits 255 not 1
 +.if ${.MAKE.OS:N*BSD} != ""
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e 's,\(Error code\) 255,\1 1,'
 +.if ${.SHELL:T} == "ksh"
 +_SED_CMDS+=	-e '/^set [+-]v/d'
 +	  < ${.IMPSRC} > ${.TARGET}.tmp1
 +	@${POSTPROC.${.PREFIX:T}:Ucat} < ${.TARGET}.tmp1 > ${.TARGET}.tmp2
 +	@rm ${.TARGET}.tmp1
 +	@echo "exit status `cat ${.TARGET:R}.status`" >> ${.TARGET}.tmp2
 +	@mv ${.TARGET}.tmp2 ${.TARGET}
 +.if empty(DIFF_FLAGS)
 +DIFF_ECHO= echo
 +# Compare all output files
 +test:	${OUTFILES} .PHONY
 +	@failed= ; \
 +	for test in ${TESTS}; do \
 +	  cmp -s ${UNIT_TESTS}/$${test}.exp $${test}.out && continue || \
 +	  ${DIFF_ECHO} diff ${UNIT_TESTS}/$${test}.exp $${test}.out; \
 +	  ${TOOL_DIFF} ${DIFF_FLAGS} ${UNIT_TESTS}/$${test}.exp $${test}.out \
 +	  || failed="$${failed}$${failed:+ }$${test}" ; \
 +	done ; \
 +	if [ -n "$${failed}" ]; then \
 +	  echo "Failed tests: $${failed}" ; false ; \
 +	else \
 +	  echo "All tests passed" ; \
 +	fi
 +	@for test in ${TESTS}; do \
 +	  cmp -s ${UNIT_TESTS}/$${test}.exp $${test}.out \
 +	  || { echo "Replacing $${test}.exp" ; \
 +	       cp $${test}.out ${UNIT_TESTS}/$${test}.exp ; } \
 +	done
 +.if exists(${TEST_MAKE})
 +${TESTS:=.rawout}: ${TEST_MAKE}
 +# in meta mode, we *know* if a target script is impacted
 +# by a makefile change.
 +.if ${.MAKE.MODE:Unormal:Mmeta} == ""
 +${TESTS:=.rawout}: ${.PARSEDIR}/Makefile
 +.sinclude <>