Re: git: b8d60729deef - main - tcp: Congestion control cleanup.

From: John Baldwin <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 16:16:43 UTC
On 11/14/21 7:03 AM, Randall Stewart wrote:
> John:
> This is fine to do, but I want to make sure everyone understands that
> I was specifically asked to make compile fail on the transport call
> if CC_XXXX or CC_DEFAULT was not defined. Its not how I had the code
> originally but it was requested specifically.
> I am fine with all the changes aka it showing up in DEFAULT that’s a
> good solution.
> And I think Warner’s patch with an ifndef in cc.c works perfectly that
> way if you are say netapp and don’t use newreno you can do a
> nooptions CC_NEWRENO
> options CC_CUBIC
> options CC_DEFAULT=\”cubic\”
> And it all just works for you ;)

No worries.  I think this is one of those cases where some things just
aren't obvious until subjected to wider testing.  You sought review (and
got a fair bit of it), and without some kind of available pre-commit CI
I don't know that we can expect folks to boot changes in qemu for all
architectures by hand prior to commit (which I think might have been the
only realistic way to catch the breakage on arm64 or the vnet issues).
I do think one of the goals of Warner's group is to figure out a way to
provide some level of pre-commit CI that folks can opt into.

FWIW, the arm64 breakage wasn't really due to the changes in this commit
either, it was just that this commit exposed a longstanding bug in the
hhook code that hadn't yet surfaced.

John Baldwin