git: 465fe46da510 - stable/14 - arm64: Add netmap(4) to default kernel config

From: Mark Johnston <>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2024 04:40:46 UTC
The branch stable/14 has been updated by markj:


commit 465fe46da51080950bf0063f984c52b8cf6fb144
Author:     Daniel Roethlisberger <>
AuthorDate: 2024-02-06 15:26:13 +0000
Commit:     Mark Johnston <>
CommitDate: 2024-03-09 04:28:01 +0000

    arm64: Add netmap(4) to default kernel config
    Allows the development, testing and deployment of netmap(4)-based code
    on arm64 without having to recompile the kernel.  netmap(4) is already
    in the amd64 and powerpc64 default configs, so it does not seem
    unreasonable to also provide it on arm64 by default.
    Note that netmap(4) is useful even on systems without NIC that fully
    support it.
    Reviewed by:    vmaffione
    MFC after:      1 month
    Differential Revision:
    (cherry picked from commit df64d7c8c82d59958cb546b23ba240ab97dc5033)
 sys/arm64/conf/ | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/sys/arm64/conf/ b/sys/arm64/conf/
index 74d2407e0aec..0c0ede38ed2b 100644
--- a/sys/arm64/conf/
+++ b/sys/arm64/conf/
@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ device		miibus			# MII bus support
 # Note that 'bpf' is required for DHCP.
 device		bpf		# Berkeley packet filter
+# Netmap provides direct access to TX/RX rings on supported NICs
+device		netmap			# netmap(4) support
 # USB support
 options 	USB_DEBUG		# enable debug msgs
 options 	USB_HOST_ALIGN=64	# Align usb buffers to cache line size.