git: a96d4c86f1d4 - stable/13 - iwlwifi: mark a declaration for a non-existent function

From: Bjoern A. Zeeb <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 16:25:01 UTC
The branch stable/13 has been updated by bz:


commit a96d4c86f1d4e22182bc8b5de92ac84a1e1dff22
Author:     Bjoern A. Zeeb <>
AuthorDate: 2023-01-13 01:00:00 +0000
Commit:     Bjoern A. Zeeb <>
CommitDate: 2023-01-18 13:26:26 +0000

    iwlwifi: mark a declaration for a non-existent function
    iwl_trans_pcie_send_hcmd() does not seem to exist (anymore).  Mark it
    as __linux__ so we can submit the cleanup with the next upstream run.
    Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
    (cherry picked from commit f797d5f37089de8134b4599bb033635ac7d07bef)
 sys/contrib/dev/iwlwifi/pcie/internal.h | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/sys/contrib/dev/iwlwifi/pcie/internal.h b/sys/contrib/dev/iwlwifi/pcie/internal.h
index f7e4f868363d..cd2fb7811e4e 100644
--- a/sys/contrib/dev/iwlwifi/pcie/internal.h
+++ b/sys/contrib/dev/iwlwifi/pcie/internal.h
@@ -526,7 +526,9 @@ void iwl_trans_pcie_txq_set_shared_mode(struct iwl_trans *trans, u32 txq_id,
 int iwl_trans_pcie_tx(struct iwl_trans *trans, struct sk_buff *skb,
 		      struct iwl_device_tx_cmd *dev_cmd, int txq_id);
 void iwl_pcie_txq_check_wrptrs(struct iwl_trans *trans);
+#if defined(__linux__)
 int iwl_trans_pcie_send_hcmd(struct iwl_trans *trans, struct iwl_host_cmd *cmd);
 void iwl_pcie_hcmd_complete(struct iwl_trans *trans,
 			    struct iwl_rx_cmd_buffer *rxb);
 void iwl_trans_pcie_tx_reset(struct iwl_trans *trans);