git: 81eae1144593 - stable/13 - Revert "files.arm64: fix sort order for aw_i2s.c"

From: Andriy Gapon <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 09:16:58 UTC
The branch stable/13 has been updated by avg:


commit 81eae1144593162b6bcb03aa8195056134a4e0de
Author:     Andriy Gapon <>
AuthorDate: 2021-11-13 09:15:11 +0000
Commit:     Andriy Gapon <>
CommitDate: 2021-11-13 09:15:11 +0000

    Revert "files.arm64: fix sort order for aw_i2s.c"
    This reverts commit 25fb4fb2518f53b9c986367932d7fa6b7b6697ec.
    This MFC was done prematurely as aw_i2s is not stable/13 yet.
    Strangely, git cherry-pick did not complain when applying the diff,
    although the line to be removed was not in the patched file.
 sys/conf/files.arm64 | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/sys/conf/files.arm64 b/sys/conf/files.arm64
index 6e911c4f54aa..84fd0c7858ff 100644
--- a/sys/conf/files.arm64
+++ b/sys/conf/files.arm64
@@ -303,7 +303,6 @@ arm/allwinner/sunxi_dma_if.m			optional a31_dmac
 arm/allwinner/aw_cir.c				optional evdev aw_cir fdt
 arm/allwinner/aw_dwc3.c				optional aw_dwc3 fdt
 arm/allwinner/aw_gpio.c				optional gpio aw_gpio fdt
-arm/allwinner/aw_i2s.c				optional fdt sound aw_i2s
 arm/allwinner/aw_mmc.c				optional mmc aw_mmc fdt | mmccam aw_mmc fdt
 arm/allwinner/aw_nmi.c				optional aw_nmi fdt \
 	compile-with "${NORMAL_C} -I$S/contrib/device-tree/include"