git: c23738c70eb8..b445b25b273d - vendor/openzfs/master - vendor branch updated

From: Martin Matuska <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 00:17:04 UTC
The branch vendor/openzfs/master has been updated by mm:


270b1b5fa75a freebsd: remove unused vn_rename()
6c89cffc2ccc freebsd: remove no-op vn_renamepath()
20b867f5f716 freebsd: add ifdefs around legacy ioctl support
e3ba8eb12ef8 freebsd: trim dkio.h to the minimum
ecbf02791f92 freebsd: simplify MD isa_defs.h
41715771b5de Adds the `-p` option to `zfs holds`
109731cd73c5 dsl_prop_known_index(): check for invalid prop
f224eddf922a Support idmapped mount in user namespace
e197bb24f185 Optionally skip zil_close during zvol_create_minor_impl
945b407486a0 quota: disable quota check for ZVOL
16f0fdadddcc Allow to control failfast
9e2be2dfbde6 Fix potential NULL pointer dereference regression
b1eec00904a2 Cleanup: Suppress Coverity dereference before/after NULL check reports
e9ab9e512c27 ZTS: random_readwrite test doesn't run correctly
9f4ede63d23b Add ability to recompress send streams with new compression algorithm
b445b25b273d Fix arc_p aggressive increase