git: d62bafee9fc3..c23738c70eb8 - vendor/openzfs/master - vendor branch updated

From: Martin Matuska <>
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 10:17:25 UTC
The branch vendor/openzfs/master has been updated by mm:


d9ac17a57f66 Expose libzutil error info in libpc_handle_t
383c3eb33db8 Add membar_sync abi change
6694ca5539c9 Avoid unnecessary metaslab_check_free calling
062d3d056bf2 Remove ambiguity on demand vs prefetch stats reported by arc_summary
4b629d04a5b8 Avoid calling rw_destroy() on uninitialized rwlock
2ba240f3583e PAM: Fix unchecked return value from zfs_key_config_load()
72c99dc95961 Handle possible null pointers from malloc/strdup/strndup()
e5646c5e3726 zvol_wait logic may terminate prematurely
70248b82e822 Fix uninitialized value read in vdev_prop_set()
4dcc2bde9c83 Stop ganging due to past vdev write errors
ed566bf1cd0b FreeBSD: Fix a pair of bugs in zfs_fhtovp()
bfaa1d98f4ce scripts/ should not hard code perl path
a6ccb36b948e Add defensive assertions
4bbd7a0fbe67 CI: bump actions/checkout to v3
87d5ff8ecd30 CI: bump actions/upload-artifact to v3
4e195e825468 etc: mask zfs-load-key.service
ff7a0a108fb5 Linux: Remove ZFS_AC_KERNEL_SRC_MODULE_PARAM_CALL_CONST autotools check
ab8d9c1783c4 Cleanup: 64-bit kernel module parameters should use fixed width types
642c2dee44ac cstyle: Allow URLs in C++ comments
4d5aef3ba919 zfs_domount: fix double-disown of dataset / double-free of zfsvfs_t
19516b69ee41 Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in lzc_ioctl()
6a42939fcd62 Cleanup: Address Clang's static analyzer's unused code complaints
a1034ee90978 zstream: allow decompress to fix metadata for uncompressed records
0aae8a449b93 Fix theoretical array overflow in lua_typename()
ab49df487b5d Linux compat: fix DECLARE_EVENT_CLASS() test when ZFS is built-in
27218a32fc5e Fix declarations of non-global variables
d10bd7d288eb Coverity model file update
ecb6a5081944 Linux 6.1 compat: change order of sys/mutex.h includes
09453dea6a98 ZED: Fix uninitialized value reads
aa822e4d9c0f Fix NULL pointer dereference in zdb
711b35dc24a8 fm_fmri_hc_create() must call va_end() before returning
3146fc7edf7e Fix NULL pointer passed to strlcpy from zap_lookup_impl()
1bd02680c0df Fix NULL pointer dereference in spa_open_common()
c6b161e390e9 set_global_var() should not pass NULL pointers to dlclose()
6ae2f9088853 Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in sha2_mac_init()
9a8039439a6c Cleanup: Simplify userspace abd_free_chunks()
d953bcbf6b28 Cleanup: Delete unnecessary pointer check from vdev_to_nvlist_iter()
ef55679a75f0 Cleanup: metaslab_alloc_dva() should not NULL check mg->mg_next
717641ac0931 Cleanup: zvol_add_clones() should not NULL check dp
fb823de9fb08 Cleanup: Delete dead code from send_merge_thread()
84243acb91b7 Cleanup: Remove NULL pointer check from dmu_send_impl()
eaaed26ffb3a Fix memory leaks in dmu_send()/dmu_send_obj()
2a068a1394d1 Support idmapped mount
2be0a124afea Fix sequential resilver drive failure race condition
5405be036516 Add options to zfs redundant_metadata property
219cf0f92847 Fix userland memory leak in zfs_do_send()
4ecd96371bcd Fix theoretical use of uninitialized values
44f71818f82c Silence static analyzer warnings about spa_sync_props()
c77d2d741571 crypto_get_ptrs() should always write to *out_data_2
d692e6c36e1a abd_return_buf() should call zfs_refcount_remove_many() early
411d327c6762 Add defensive assertion to vdev_queue_aggregate()
9650b35e95dd Fix multiple definitions of struct mount_attr on recent glibc versions
9dcdee788985 Optimize microzaps
a06df8d7c1ec Linux: Upgrade random_get_pseudo_bytes() to xoshiro256++ 1.0
ab32a14b2ed7 Silence new static analyzer defect reports from idmap_util.c
72a366f0181e Linux: Fix big endian and partial read bugs in get_system_hostid()
c5a388a1ef07 Add delay between zpool add zvol and zpool destroy
0b2428da20c6 zed: Avoid core dump if wholedisk property does not exist
871d66dbf2be Linux 6.0 compat: META
eeddd8057289 Silence objtool warnings from 55d7afa4
41133c97949a FreeBSD: vn_flush_cached_data: observe vnode locking contract
07de86923bcb Aligned free for aligned alloc
c8ae0ca11a8c Add CodeQL workflow
4938d01db7e1 Convert enum zio_flag to uint64_t
4d631a509d06 Add native Debian Packaging for Linux
1428ede0ba8d Process `script` directory for all configs
5d0fd8429b02 Fix zio_flag_t print format
e09fdda9775d Fix multiplication converted to larger type
86db35c447aa Remove zpl_revalidate: fix snapshot rollback
7b3ba2965437 debug: add VERIFY_{IMPLY,EQUIV} variants
e015d6cc0b60 zfs_rename: restructure to have cleaner fallbacks
dbf6108b4df9 zfs_rename: support RENAME_* flags
7822b50f548e Propagate extent_bytes change to autotrim thread
dc56c673e3b0 Fix ARC target collapse when zfs_arc_meta_limit_percent=100
8af08a69cda6 quota: extend quota for dataset
5f0a48c7c95d debug: fix output from VERIFY0 assertion
82ad2a06ac4e Revert "Cleanup: Delete dead code from send_merge_thread()"
4170ae4ea600 Fix TOCTOU race conditions reported by CodeQL and Coverity
d71d69326116 Fix too few arguments to formatting function
2e08df84d864 Cleanup dump_bookmarks()
97143b9d314d Introduce kmem_scnprintf()
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