git: 17b2ae0b24d4..db7f1a91def6 - vendor/openzfs/master - vendor branch updated

From: Martin Matuska <>
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2022 08:17:46 UTC
The branch vendor/openzfs/master has been updated by mm:


e86f88aa0b4f Linux 5.16 compat: Check slab.h for kvmalloc
12fa250d84c0 Linux 5.16 compat: Added add_disk check for return
299fbf75ecf3 Linux 5.16 compat: Added mapping for iov_iter_fault_in_readable
4372e96f4b4b Add support for FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE
cd26b217dcc1 Add explicit timeout to test step
a9e2788ffe8f libspl: cast to uintptr_t instead of !!ing
a9856574cffd Linux 5.17 compat: detect complete_and_exit() rename
a46237106cb4 Linux 5.17 compat: dequeue_signal() takes a 4th argument
5dccd7e8f3c9 Linux 5.17 compat: PDE_DATA() renamed to pde_data()
a3fbe2b9421a Linux <4.8 compat: submit_bio() rw arg
8d6a598a20df RPM: Add missing BuildRequires for PAM component
3158c2e3cba1 FreeBSD: Fix zvol_cdev_open locking
c5d8cd63ae47 module: Makefile: simplify clean and install jobs
a67a18733506 Makefile: simplify away xargs(1)
e0c5a48b3f37 tests: simplify find_vfstab_dev()
d9fdba124d87 tests: prune remaining xargs(1), add missing zfs-project -c0 note
746728159402 tests: simplify check_bg_procs_limit_num(), inline into setup
be935121528a libspl: include: ia32: remove
a3fecf4f1059 icp: asm_linkage.h: clean out unused bits, CSTYLED
7ada752a934f Clean up CSTYLEDs
c70bb2f61052 Replace *CTASSERT() with _Static_assert()
7633c0aedd20 libzfs: sendrecv: fix unused, remove argsused
73e972af7a70 ZTS: explicitly strip whitespace for broken wc(1) implementations
fdcb79b52e2d spl: Don't check FreeBSD rwlocks for double initialization (#13019)
bf12053cb24b zpool: main: const correctness, use time_t for time
0f7a0cc7c2e2 libzfs: const correctness
bde0f7d4c6bc zpool: main: print hostids with PRIx64
0481eabfa17c libzfs: share_proto: constify, staticify
a401a2c54a5b zpool: misc. cleanup
1ef686905b80 linux: libspl: zone: () -> (void)
61b5b27853e5 libtpool: remove useless CSTYLED
3c617c792116 libzfs: mount: don't leak mnt_param_t if mnt_func fails
01a0039ac97f libzfs_sendrecv: Use size_t for payload_len
1488e822f261 libzfs_sendrecv: Simplify out guid temporary
af2b1fbda620 libzfs_sendrecv: Avoid extra avl_find
f2b36b2db06f libzfs_sendrecv: Fix leaked holds nvlist
dd59c422d3b0 libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on send_iterate_snap
2b6b7111f4ba libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on send_iterate_prop
0c1c746a748d libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on send_iterate_fs
a8747c04039c libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on zfs_send_space
25074b472ac2 libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on dump_ioctl
24f1aa023ad3 libzfs_sendrecv: Initialize in case of failure
fbcc25c9b241 libzfs_sendrecv: Pull header line out of loop
447e90e360a1 libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on send_print_verbose
1ae783517727 libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on dump_snapshot
1910a3084872 libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on dump_filesystem
45932229d5aa libzfs_sendrecv: Style pass on dump_filesystems
2fafbfde9d4a libzfs_sendrecv: Fix some comment style nits
102eb6733cf0 libzfs_sendrecv: Refactor find_redact_book
d1a38ee74272 libzfs_sendrecv: Factor out lzc_flags_from_resume_nvl
15aa38690e45 Simplify resume token generation
955bf4dc0499 Fix trivial calloc(3) arguments order
142a5010ab65 Notice if the test-runner dies
f3b08dfd7f32 Report dnodes with faulty bonuslen
7b468ed2d81e Add enumerated vdev names to 'zpool iostat -v' and 'zpool list -v'
aa9905d89b35 escape newline to produce valid json
63652e154643 Add `--enable-asan` and `--enable-ubsan` switches
3d244b488155 Fix clearing set-uid and set-gid bits on a file when replying a write
100b8950f40c ZTS: Update enospc_002_pos test case
db875800765a dsl_dir_tempreserve_impl: remove unused `deferred` variable
2f14adacaa82 zfs_set_prop_nvlist: make it easier to spot the call to dsl_props_set
f2c5bc150e60 Add more control/visibility to spa_load_verify().
1dccfd7a3832 zvol: make calls to platform ops static
add15e9539db Extract workflows dependencies
8df0bde321ab Add `--enable=all` to ShellCheck by default
5f65d008e9ea Remove unneeded "extern inline" function declarations
d7a67402a852 `mount.zfs -o zfsutil` leverages `zfs_mount_at()`
e2909fae8f2c Remove unused files from GitHub runners
8e94ac0e36c5 Linux 5.16 compat: don't use XSTATE_XSAVE to save FPU state
b66140c6ad48 Add support for $KERNEL_{CC,LD,LLVM} variables
4eea717c4f94 Propagate KERNEL_* to *.spec
c28d6ab08b9e Rename EMPTY_TASKQ into taskq_empty
68ddc06b6118 Receive checks should allow unencrypted child datasets
3819aaaff921 Add dataset_kstats_update.. to mmap read/write paths
399159f7fbef ZTS: Fix zvol_misc_volmode test
34ec54898095 dracut: README: rewrite
b8d9679f3644 contrib: dracut: zfs-{rollback,snapshot}-bootfs: don't shell for test
4a4e1683926d contrib: rename initrd READMEs to
0a222408f1e2 Correct a typo in zfs-receive.8
17fd8f6b0a8d zpoolprops.7: document leaked
a9e62ec368be zpool-import.8: newpool is Ar, not Sy
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