git: 6fa58bfb3ecf - main - uefi(8): loader.efi does not search for loader.efi

From: Colin Percival <>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:18:14 UTC
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commit 6fa58bfb3ecfad4aece948fd7e6a8ca3d60a18c2
Author:     Colin Percival <>
AuthorDate: 2021-10-21 20:15:57 +0000
Commit:     Colin Percival <>
CommitDate: 2021-10-21 20:17:33 +0000

    uefi(8): loader.efi does not search for loader.efi
    This man page formerly referred to boot1.efi searching for loader.efi;
    when boot1.efi was obsoleted in favour of having loader.efi launched
    directly, this was left claiming that loader.efi searched for
    Reviewed by:    bcran
    Fixes:          db8b56134506 Rework UEFI ESP generation
    Differential Revision:
 share/man/man8/uefi.8 | 18 ------------------
 1 file changed, 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/share/man/man8/uefi.8 b/share/man/man8/uefi.8
index 64bc30139f97..76fcedbfff16 100644
--- a/share/man/man8/uefi.8
+++ b/share/man/man8/uefi.8
@@ -88,24 +88,6 @@ or
 .Pa /boot/config .
 .Pa loader.efi
-searches partitions of type
-.Li freebsd-ufs
-.Li freebsd-zfs
-.Pa loader.efi .
-The search begins with partitions on the device from which
-.Pa loader.efi
-was loaded, and continues with other available partitions.
-If both
-.Li freebsd-ufs
-.Li freebsd-zfs
-partitions exist on the same device the
-.Li freebsd-zfs
-partition is preferred.
-.Pa loader.efi
 loads and boots the kernel, as described in
 .Xr loader 8 .