git: 4a1195ca5041..ec64fdb93d14 - vendor/openzfs/master - vendor branch updated

From: Martin Matuska <>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 05:46:02 UTC
The branch vendor/openzfs/master has been updated by mm:


606574081189 Linux 5.14 compat: META
2a49ebbb4dd0 Avoid panic in case of pool errors and missing L2ARC
139690d6c3c7 Really zero the zero page
8a3fe59c0364 Added test for being able to read various variants of zstd
1d901c3ee596 Upstream: unmount snapshots before destroying them on macOS
59eab1093a36 Handle partial reads in zfs_read
df5ea74ff668 Assorted parameter changes for performance tests
ce2bdcedf549 libspl: fix warning about missing spl_pagesize declaration
96ad227a9dad ZTS: Minimize udev_wait in zvol_misc tests
ed3a3bdb0d59 Proper support for DESTDIR and INSTALL_MOD_PATH
60b618a967b1 ZFS: Remove a redundant if condition (#12598)
aad91df07525 Reject zfs send -RI with nonexistent fromsnap
2a8430a26059 Rescan enclosure sysfs path on import
543ab04cc3e2 Document additional -c caveat
48df24d4ce7b Remove zdb and libzpool from initramfs image
514498fef697 Simplify and document OpenZFS library dependencies
2d02bba23d83 arcstat: Fix integer division with python3
9d1407e8f248 Correct refcount_add in dmu_zfetch
97bbeeb93803 Fail invalid incremental recursive send gracefully
a5b464263bc1 initramfs: use correct dataset for rootfs on rollback=1
72f06d01b555 ZTS: deadman_sync fix
648445e0078e ZTS: Add known exceptions
280d0f0ce45a Export minimal zfs_refcount interfaces
d785245857b8 zio: use unsigned values for enum
afbc61792116 Remove FreeBSD's local copy of the dmu_buf_hold_array() function
01b572bc623c zdb: fix overflow of time estimation
fd778e44c88f Notify on UNAVAIL statechange
a95c82bed840 Remove code duplication
a4cecfbdc96f zpool should call zfs_nicestrtonum() with non-NULL handle
6cb5e1e7591d libshare: nfs: pass through ipv6 addresses in bracket notation
1886cdfcfb97 vdev_id: Fix enclosure_symlinks feature
ec64fdb93d14 Skip snapshot in zfs_iter_mounted()