Re: git: 29ec19bc5f17 - 2022Q3 - www/firefox: update to 104.0 (rc2)

From: Christoph Moench-Tegeder <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 21:33:53 UTC
## Baptiste Daroussin (

> What should I do to get my patch finally in?

You could try lobbying for a 42 hours work day. Or convince my employer
that I'm needed here (kidding, there's enough work to do already).
Remind me once 104 is really there (next week, I guess?), I'll ditch
i386 (it's falling out again, so go recycle your obsolete hardware, now
is the time, I've heard copper prices are up right now) and see to that.

> Given how often firefox releases are happening, the user experience is quite
> painful, firefox each time detects a new version has been installed, propose to
> restart the user click and nothing happen!

Web browsers are painful in nature. And you're the first to complain
about that thing, I guess everyone just quits the browser before
updating it? At least I do, and I didn't even know about that button
before you complained.


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