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+=== Containers and FreeBSD: Pot, Potluck and Potman
+Links: +
+link:[Pot organization on GitHub] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Luca Pizzamiglio (Pot) <> +
+Contact: Bretton Vine (Potluck) <> +
+Contact: Michael Gmelin (Potman) <>
+Pot is a jail management tool that link:[also supports orchestration through Nomad].
+Potluck aims to be to FreeBSD and Pot what Dockerhub is to Linux and Docker: a repository of Pot flavours and complete container images for usage with Pot and in many cases Nomad.
+During this quarter, there were no new link:[Pot] releases.
+Potluck saw quite some activity though.
+Not only have the images been rebuilt for FreeBSD 14, but also the new link:[Adminer] container has been submitted by first-time contributor link:[Sidicer].
+Additionally a large number of additional features, updates and fixes have been committed to containers like link:[HAProxy-Consul], link:[Grafana], link:[PostgreSQL-Patroni], or link:[Prometheus]. 
+For the link:[Mastodon container], a link:[blog post] has been published explaining how to use it to run your own instance.
+As always, feedback and patches are welcome.
+Sponsors: Nikulipe UAB, Honeyguide Group