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+=== Valgrind: port to arm64 on its way
+Links: +
+link:[Valgrind Home Page] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Valgrind News] URL: link:[]
+link:[arm64 port] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Paul Floyd <>
+The major news, as per the title, is that a port to FreeBSD arm64 (or aarch64) is now ready.
+The next steps are to get it reviewed and pushed upstream.
+Valgrind 3.23 is due out at the end of April 2024 and package:devel/valgrind[] will be updated shortly after that.
+package:devel/valgrind-devel[] will get an update as soon as I have pushed the changes for arm64.
+`--track-fds=yes` now checks for and warns about attempts to close a file decriptor more than once.
+Handling of closefrom has been improved to use this feature.
+There are some important fixes for FreeBSD 15, in particular handling the new `libsys`.
+Here is a list of smaller bugfixes:
+* Support for FreeBSD 13.3 has been added.
+* Added a redirect for `reallocarray`.
+* Several fixes for `aio*` functions.
+* Added a redirect for `memccpy`.
+* There is a fix for `_umtx_op OP_ROBUST_LISTS`.
+* Added redirects for C23 `free_sized` and `free_aligned_sized`.
+* Correctly propagate the ELF stack protection flags to the guest stack that Valgrind synthesizes.
+* Fixes for `--sanity-level-3` and above (only used for Valgrind self-testing at runtime).
+* Several fixes to checking done for `semctl`.
+* Fixed argument checking for `utrace`.
+* Fixed argument checking for `clock_nanosleep`.