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+=== State of GNOME 44
+Links: +
+link:[GNOME] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Development repository] URL: link:[]
+Contact: FreeBSD GNOME Team <>
+Contact: Olivier Duchateau <>
+GNOME is a full desktop environment which is mainly based on GLib, GTK3/GTK4, and libadwaita.
+It provides two window managers or compositors: package:x11-wm/mutter[] and package:x11-wm/metacity[].
+Currently in the ports collection, package:x11/gnome-shell[] is not supported by upstream anymore.
+As it is a lot of work, in order to have GNOME 44 available for users, I decided to split this update, because it impacts several ports.
+As a maintainer of package:x11/budgie[] and Pantheon desktop (a window manager based on package:x11-wm/mutter[], developped for link:[elementary OS]) I need more recent versions of some GNOME libraries.
+Firstly I worked on WebKitGTK. The 4.0 "legacy" API is almost not used by GNOME's libraries.
+The bare minimum is the 4.1 API.
+I created [.filename] for the [.filename]#Mk/Uses# framework, in order to _flavorize_ package:www/webkit2-gtk3[].
+There is an link:[ongoing effort], but currently it is too unstable.
+Often applications such as Epiphany, mail clients (Geary, Evolution), or the online accounts panel in package:sysutils/gnome-control-center dump core.
+Nonetheless, remainder of desktop is usable and the latest release (44.7) of GNOME Shell is functional.
+I have begun sending my first patches for review (as well as those in Bugzilla).
+* link:[D43183]
+* link:[D43230]
+* link:[D43244]
+* link:[D40489]
+I have also ported the link:[GNOME Flashback] session module.
+It depends on package:x11-wm/metacity[] and package:x11-toolkits/libwnck3[].
+I also maintain a link:[documentation], and we can link:[see] various desktops available.
+GNOME 45 is almost finished, except for GNOME Shell extensions.
+For this release I will focus on Wayland support (link:[bug #258042] and link:[bug #271836]).
+Tests and patches are welcomed, especially for WebKitGTK.
+Next months I plan to work on:
+* Allowing selecting a session in display manager (gdm), it is regression with our patches.
+* Fixing sharing network (VNC, SSH) panel in package:sysutils[gnome-control-center] and backport for link:[bug #275900].
+* Continuing to update applications and libraries for GNOME 45.