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+=== Bugmeister Team and Bugzilla
+Links: +
+link:[Bugmeister team] URL: link:[]
+link:[FreeBSD Bugzilla] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Bugmeister <>
+Some recent maintenance has been done on our Bugzilla instance:
+* the weekly reminder emails now include the correct values for mfc-* Flags queries;
+* the Dashboard page has had an obsolete query removed.
+(We no longer use the 'patch-ready' Keyword; it was too much paperwork.
+Thus, the query on that field was useless.);
+* the limit that capped the maximum number of reported PRs at 10000 has been raised to 12500.
+In addition, the Wiki documentation on our Bugzilla has been
+* the page link:[] has been substantially reworked:
+** In particular, documentation about how to search on Flag values has been added.
+(This may not have been done before.)
+Example: search for PRs with Flag 'mfc-stable14' set;
+** This page may be of interest to all committers and contributors;
+* the page has also been updated;
+While similar to the above, it is of more specific interest to bugmeister and triagers.
+As well, PRs that are specific to FreeBSD 12 are being culled, as 12 has gone out of support as of 20231231.
+A further effort is being made to document our setup of Bugzilla itself, especially with respect to our customizations.
+This is needed to bring our own repository up to date with what is running
+on production.
+The number of PRs over the past quarter (and year) has remained consistent.
+However, we do seem to be closing incoming PRs more quickly these days.
+For reference: link:[].
+The overall number of PRs remains around 11,400.
+Bugmeister is also working towards restarting the Bugathons.
+See the updated page link:[].
+Bugmeister would like to thank a number of people who have assisted with bugbusting, including Mina Galić, Graham Perrin,[Lorenzo Salvadore], and[Fernando Apesteguìa], among others.
+In addition, bugmeister would like to thank all the FreeBSD committers who help process the PRs as they come in.
+Over the last few months we seem to be much closer to steady-state.