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+=== FreeBSD as a Tier 1 cloud-init Platform
+Links: +
+link:[cloud-init Website] URL: link:[] +
+link:[cloud-init Documentation] URL: link:[] +
+Contact: Mina Galić <>
+cloud-init is the standard way of provisioning servers in the cloud.
+Over the past year and a half, thanks to this FreeBSD support has steadily improved.
+This year, together with cloud-init developers and the FreeBSD Foundation, we decided to explicitly focus on making improvements in FreeBSD itself, that will aid the cloud-init team to test future changes to FreeBSD code-paths themselves.
+To achieve this goal, I need to make FreeBSD run in LXD (and Incus), under the control of ``lxd-agent`` (or ``incus-agent``).
+Here are some improvements from the recent weeks:
+- I have written a small link:[testing-framework] (in sh, and I'm slowly porting it to OpenTofu/Terraform), which installs the latest version of package:net/cloud-init-devel[] or package:net/cloud-init[] and runs a couple of standard cloud-init tests.
+- To do this, I have created a link:[dedicated public repository] which contains the latest versions of package:net/cloud-init-devel[] and package:net/cloud-init[] for FreeBSD 13 and 14 on amd64 and aarch64.
+- I have link:[ported Linux's vsock testing framework to FreeBSD]
+- I created a driver skeleton for a link:[VirtIO Socket driver], based on the HyperV Socket driver.
+- In doing so, I made numerous link:[improvements to HyperV sockets], some of which are accepted, others still need more work.
+- I have tested and released the latest 24.1 series cloud-init, where the cloud-init team and I have finally fixed some longstanding bugs, such as link:[moving ``/run/cloud-init``] to [.filename]#/var/run/cloud-init# on BSD, as well as fixing the link:[``homedir`` argument] to ``user_groups`` to actually do something.
+- This release also sees numerous fixes to the OpenBSD code-paths from the community and not just me.
+- I have also started an official port for OpenBSD, but link:[that work has stalled].
+The work to come, in broad strokes:
+- Finish the FreeBSD VirtIO Socket driver.
+- Fix Go's runtime to support VirtIO on FreeBSD.
+- Port lxd-agent's dependencies to FreeBSD.
+- Port lxd-agent to FreeBSD.
+That work will be interspersed with more improvments to cloud-init on BSDs, and more tests on different cloud providers.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation