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+=== Ten64, WHLE-LS1, and HoneyComb
+Links: +
+link:[My wiki page with links to some status] URL: link:[] +
+Contact: Bjoern A. Zeeb <bz@FreeBSD.ORG>
+Solid-Run's HoneyComb, Traverse Technologies's Ten64 and some versions of Conclusive Engineering's WHLE-LS1 all are NXP based platforms with the Data Path Acceleration Architecture Gen2 (DPAA2).
+Work has happened to support or improve support for peripherals on these boards.
+For DPAA2 I have local changes which will need review (or further discussion):
+* Cleanup of memac (MDIO) code reducing bus attachment (ACPI and FDT specific) code into more common code.
+* Cleanup of MC bus attachment code (again ACPI, FDT).
+* For reasons of mii_fdt.c support on some PHYs on FDT-based platforms restructure MAC/MII code and mostly migrate it out of the network interface (NI).
+* Improve Dmitry Salychev's (dsl) initial SFF/SFP code, prototyping a bus similar to MII for SFP with the hope that with more work it can grow into a larger, general FreeBSD framework and hooked it up to DPMAC.
+* With this, minimal support (still fairly hacked up) for "managed" SFP+ mode (using the Ten64 terminology) is usable on FDT-based systems using DAC and fiber cables.
+* Add more sysctl statistics to DPMAC and NI.
+In short, I mostly cleaned up some of the mess I contributed to during the initial bringup.
+For the LS1088a based WHLE-LS1 systems changes include:
+* device-tree file updates.
+* Added support for the PCA9546 I2C Switch (committed).
+* Added basic support for the PCAL6524 24-bit Fm+ I2C-bus/SMBus I/O expander.
+* Added basic support for the PCA9633 4-bit Fm+ I2C-bus LED driver to drive the status LEDs.
+* Added support to program the man:rgephy[4] LEDs (which needs to be validated).
+* Started testing the eMMC with MMCCAM and GENERIC but had trouble (needs further investigation, seemed fine from firmware for updates).
+* Tested one of three PCIe slots and USB fine.
+For the Ten64:
+* Most of the basic lifting happened a while ago and it has generally been usable.
+* Detecting the VSC8514 PHY as such went in end of last year.
+* Used as the default platform to test the DPAA2 changes and SFP/SFP+ code.
+In addition Pierre-Luc Drouin has overhauled the Vybrid I2C support now attaching and working on both FDT- and ACPI-based systems (committed).
+Sponsor: Traverse Technologies (Ten64 hardware a while ago, support)