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+=== SIMD enhancements for amd64
+Links: +
+link:[Project proposal] URL: link:[]
+link:[simd(7)] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Robert Clausecker <>
+SIMD instruction set extensions such as SSE, AVX, and NEON are ubiquitous on modern computers and offer performance advantages for many applications.
+The goal of this project is to provide SIMD-enhanced versions of common libc functions (mostly those described in man:string[3]), speeding up most C programs.
+For each function optimised, up to four implementations will be provided:
+ * a *scalar* implementation optimised for amd64, but without any SIMD usage,
+ * a *baseline* implementation using SSE and SSE2 or alternatively an *x86-64-v2* implementation using all SSE extensions up to SSE4.2,
+ * an *x86-64-v3* implementation using AVX and AVX2, and
+ * an *x86-64-v4* implementation using AVX-512F/BW/CD/DQ.
+Users will be able to select which level of SIMD enhancements to use by setting the `ARCHLEVEL` environment variable.
+While the current project only concerns amd64, the work may be expanded to other architectures like arm64 in the future.
+During the last few months, significant progress has been made on this project.
+SIMD-enhanced versions of man:bcmp[3], man:index[3], man:memchr[3], man:memcmp[3], man:stpcpy[3], man:strchr[3], man:strchrnul[3], man:strcpy[3], man:strcspn[3], man:strlen[3], man:strnlen[3], and man:strspn[3] have landed.
+Functions man:memcpy[3], man:memmove[3], man:strcmp[3], man:timingsafe_bcmp[3] (see link:[D41673]), and man:timingsafe_memcmp[3] (see link:[D41696]) are work in progress.
+Unfortunately, the work has not made the cut for FreeBSD 14.0, but it is slated to be part of FreeBSD 14.1.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation