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    14.0 relnotes: first cut
    This draft contains text for most, but not all, of the RELNOTES
    entries and Relnotes: yes commits.  I have questions pending with
    some committers.
    Reviewed by:    kbowling, emaste
    Differential Revision:
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@@ -100,22 +100,184 @@ This section covers changes and additions to userland applications, contributed
 === Userland Configuration Changes
+The default shell for the root user is now man:sh[1], which now has many features for interactive use.
+The default mail transport agent is now the Dragonfly Mail Agent (man:dma[8]), replacing man:sendmail[8].
+Configuration of the mail transport agent is done via man:mailer.conf[5].
+The `mta_start_script` configuration variable has been retired in man:rc.conf[5], along with the `othermta` startup script.
+The one-time password facility OPIE, man:opie[4], has been removed from the base system.
+If you still wish to use it, install the `security/opie` port.
+Otherwise, make sure to remove or comment out any mention of `pam_opie` and `pam_opieaccess` from your PAM policies.
+man:etcupdate[8] will normally take care of this for the stock policies.
+The `SHARED_TOOLCHAIN` build configuration option has been removed.
+Building a statically-linked toolchain is still possible using the general `NO_SHARED` option.
+gitref:77f6be448408[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+Locale handing has been upgraded to CLDR 41.0 and Unicode 14.0.
+The layout configuration has been added for the new French bépo keyboard (version 1.1rc2) normalized by French national organization for standardization as "NF Z71‐300".
+An `rc.d` script (see man:rc[8]) is now allowed to have a `status` method even if it does not define `procname` or have a PID file.
 === Userland Application Changes
+The man:cpuset[8] utility has been moved from [.filename]#/usr/bin# to [.filename]#/bin# so that it is always available during startup processing.
+[.filename]#/usr/bin/cpuset# is now a symbolic link.
+The deprecated man:fmtree[8] utility has been removed.
+A new man:fwget[8] utility inspects the system for peripherals that need firmware, and installs the appropriate packages for them.
+For now only the PCI subsystem is supported, and only video firmware for Intel and AMD GPUs is known.
+gitref:d198b8774d2c[repository=src] gitref:d198b8774d2c[repository=src] (Sponsored by Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG)
+The usability of man:head[1] and man:tail[1] has been improved by consistently supporting the `-q` and `-h` options, allowing numbers with SI suffixes, and removing the 2^31 limit on lines for man:head[1].
+man:makefs[8] now has experimental ZFS support.
+It can create a ZFS pool, backed by a single disk vdev, containing one or more datasets populated from the staging directory.
+gitref:240afd8c1fcc[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The man:minigzip[1] utility has been removed.
+The man:mandoc[1] utility has a workaround for lack of macro processing in list `-width` handling, resulting in more accurate widths for list columns.
+gitref:bbb2d2ce4220[repository=src] (Sponsored by Dell EMC Isilon)
+The man:mixer[8] utility no longer tries to guess whether a volume is absolute or a percent.
+It now accepts a percentage with a `%` appended, otherwise a volume is absolute.
+The `netcat` utility man:nc[1] can now be an `if_tun` (man:tun[4]) broker.
+gitref:cef7ab70ff44[repository=src] (Sponsored by Zenarmor) (Sponsored by OPNsense) (Sponsored by Klara, Inc.)
+The man:netstat[1] utility now computes correct column widths with the `-i` option, making the `-w` option unnecessary.
+The man:portsnap[8] utility has been removed.
+Users are encouraged to fetch the ports tree by using `pkg install git` and then `git clone /usr/ports`.
+The man:pw[8] and man:bsdinstall[8] programs now create home directories for users in [.filename]#/home# by default rather than [.filename]#/usr/home#.
+The default symbolic link for [.filename]#/home#, referencing [.filename]#/usr/home#, is no longer created.
+The man:sockstat[1] utility is now run in a sandbox with capsicum.
+gitref:94dc57159532[repository=src] gitref:c5a2d8c5f517[repository=src]
+The man:systat[1] utility has a new command, `iolat`, which reports I/O latencies computed by the CAM I/O scheduler.
+gitref:22054f88914b[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+A new utility, man:tcpsso[8], is able to apply a socket option to an existing TCP endpoint, for example changing the congestion control module or the TCP stack.
+gitref:881631a2a371[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+The Telnet daemon, man:telnetd[8], has been removed.
+A port is available if necessary, `net/freebsd-telnetd`.
+The client is not affected.
+The `PROFILE` option is disabled by default, thus profiled versions of system libraries are not provided.
+Hardware-based profiling (e.g. man:hwpmc[4]) is preferred.
+gitref:fe52b7f60ef4[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+Compressed debug sections in binaries are enabled by default on little-endian targets.
+gitref:47363e99d3d3[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+Binaries for 64-bit architectures are now built with Position Independent Executables (PIE) enabled.
+gitref:9a227a2fd642[repository=src] (Sponsored by Stormshield)
+//XXX This belongs in a "build" section, maybe with the preceding 3 items.
+Configuration has been added to produce armv7 distribution sets, which can be useful in building jails on arm64.
 === Contributed Software
+One True Awk has been updated to the latest from upstream (20210727).
+All the FreeBSD patches but one have now been either up-streamed or discarded.
+Notable changes include: locale is no longer used for ranges; better compatibility with `gawk` and `mawk`.
+gitref:f39dd6a97844[repository=src] gitref:23f24377b1a9[repository=src] gitref:628bd30ab5a4[repository=src]
+`libbsdxml` (`expat`, man:libbsdxml[3]) has been upgraded to version 2.4.7.
+`libfido2` has been upgraded to version 1.10.0.
+gitref:f540a43052c1[repository=src] gitref:3e696dfb7009[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The man:llvm-objdump[1] utility is now always installed as man:objdump[1].
+gitref:86edb11e7491[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+`OpenSSH` has been upgraded to version 9.4p1.
+Full release notes are at[].
+gitref:535af610a4fd[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The man:scp[1] utility now defaults to the SFTP protocol by default rather than the legacy scp/rcp protocol.
+This removes the need for double-quoting wildcard expansion characters.
+gitref:fb5aabcb990b[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+RSA/SHA-1 signatures are now disabled by default in man:ssh[1].
+It is possible to enable them on a per-host basis in a user's [.filename]#~/.ssh/config# file.
+gitref:8c22023ca5e1[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The `VerifyHostKeyDNS` option for man:ssh[1] now defaults to `no`,
+following the `OpenSSH` distribution.
+The `X11Forwarding` option also defaults to `no`.
+gitref:41ff5ea22cb9[repository=src] gitref:77934b7a1301[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+HPN option handling has been removed from `OpenSSH`.
+HPN support was deprecated long ago, but the configuration options were still accepted (and ignored) for backwards compatibility.
+gitref:348bea10b6f2[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The `VersionAddendum` option has been removed from the man:ssh[1] client.
+gitref:bffe60ead024[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+`OpenSSL` has been upgraded to version 3.0.10.
+This is a major upgrade from version 1.1.1, which is nearing its end of life.
+Many components of the base system use a backward-compatible API, but will be migrated later.
+gitref:aa7957345732[repository=src] gitref:b077aed33b7b[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+`xz` has been upgraded to version 5.4.3.
+`zlib` has been upgraded to version 1.3.
+`zstd` has been upgraded to version 1.5.2.
+(Sponsored by Klara, Inc)
 === Deprecated Applications
+man:mergemaster[8] has been deprecated.
+Its replacement is man:etcupdate[8].
+gitref:398b12691b4f[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
 === Runtime Libraries and API
+The `libncursesw` library (see man:ncurses[3X]) has been split into `libtinfow` and `libncursesw`.
+Linker scripts should make this transparent for consumers.
+`pkg-config` files are now installed to ease ports detecting the `ncurses` setup from base.
+The prototype of man:qsort_r[3] has been modified to match POSIX, which adopted the glibc-based interface.
+The `COMPAT_LIB32` build option has been implemented for aarch64 (arm64) and is enabled by default.
+This provides armv7 32-bit-compatible libraries and header files for arm64 systems for building and running most armv7 32-bit binaries.
+gitref:f1d5183124d3[repository=src] gitref:d5d97bed4ab6[repository=src] gitref:a1b675731301[repository=src]
 == Kernel
@@ -125,6 +287,53 @@ This section covers changes to kernel configurations, system tuning, and system
 === General Kernel Changes
+The SMP system now supports up to 1024 cores on amd64 and arm64.
+Many kernel CPU sets are now dynamically allocated to avoid consuming excessive memory.
+The kernel cpuset ABI has been updated to support the higher limit.
+gitref:76887e84be97[repository=src] gitref:d1639e43c589[repository=src] gitref:9051987e40c5[repository=src] gitref:e0c6e8910898[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The ACPI system now supports the `_CR3` critical standby (`S3`) threshold.
+The `acpi_timer_test` is disabled by default, forcing the use of ACPI-fast rather than ACPI-safe, and speeding the boot process.
+The broken-ACPI-timers workaround can be re-enabled by setting the `hw.acpi.timer_test_enabled=1` tunable.
+If timekeeping issues are observed, please test with `hw.acpi.timer_test_enabled=1` in man:loader.conf[8] and report if that fixes the problem.
+The introduction to the kernel internals manual pages, man:intro[9], has been rewritten and improved.
+gitref:84f9f2c5cf78[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+Boottrace is a new kernel-userspace interface for capturing trace events during system boot and shutdown.
+Event annotations are present in the boot and shutdown paths in the kernel; system utilities (man:init[8], man:shutdown[8], man:reboot[8]); and man:rc[8] scripts (via man:boottrace[8]).
+Boottrace focuses on the ease of use and is aimed primarily at system administrators.
+It is available in the default `GENERIC` kernel and can be enabled by toggling a single man:sysctl[8] variable.
+See man:boottrace[4] for more details.
+gitref:da5b7e90e740[repository=src] gitref:5a8fceb3bd9f[repository=src] gitref:7b0a665d72c0[repository=src] gitref:13ec1e3155c7[repository=src] gitref:318d0db5fe8a[repository=src] gitref:1ae2c59bcf21[repository=src] (Sponsored by NetApp, Inc.) (Sponsored by Klara, Inc)
+FreeBSD can now run inside the Firecracker VMM via the amd64 `FIRECRACKER` kernel configuration.
+gitref:469ad8603127[repository=src] (Sponsored by[])
+FreeBSD now reboots faster.
+The `kern.reboot_wait_time` sysctl has been added to control the delay before rebooting after printing all kernel messages on the console.
+It defaults to 0.
+Setting it to 1 restores the previous behavior (1 second delay).
+gitref:84ec7df0d796[repository=src] (Sponsored by[])
+A new DTrace provider, `kinst`, has been added; see man:dtrace_kinst[4].
+The provider allows kernel instructions to be traced, similar to the FBT (function boundary tracing) provider except that all instructions may be probed instead of just logical entry and return instructions.
+The provider is currently amd64-only.
+gitref:f0bc4ed144fc[repository=src] (Sponsored by Google, Inc. via GSoC 2022)
+LLVM's MemorySanitizer can now be used in amd64 kernels.
+See the man:kmsan[9] manual page for more information.
+gitref:a422084abbda[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+LLVM's AddressSanitizer can now be used in amd64 kernels.
+See the man:kasan[9] manual page for more information.
+gitref:38da497a4dfc[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+Support for asymmetric cryptographic operations has been removed from the kernel open cryptographic framework (OCF), as they are not used by modern OpenSSL versions.
 == Devices and Drivers
@@ -134,6 +343,74 @@ This section covers changes and additions to devices and device drivers since {r
 === Device Drivers
+The default speed for serial communication in boot loaders, kernel, and userland is now 115200 bps.
+Note that the early x86 BIOS bootloader (i.e., `boot0sio`) does not support rates above 9600 bps and is not changed.
+`boot0sio` users may set BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED=9600 to use 9600 for all of the boot components, or use the standard `boot0` and have the `boot2` stage start with the serial port at 115200.
+gitref:4722ceb7d53e[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The default bell tone is now 800Hz.
+It can be set with man:kbdcontrol[1] again.
+There is integration with man:devd[8] for people wishing to use their sound cards for the beep.
+gitref:ba48d52ca6c8[repository=src] gitref:4ac3d08a9693[repository=src] gitref:2533eca1c2b9[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+Drivers for ISA sound cards have been removed.
+gitref:92e6b4712b53[repository=src] gitref:df51e63eb5d7[repository=src] gitref:aa83e9b189d6[repository=src] gitref:754decef384a[repository=src] gitref:5126e5eeeb5e[repository=src] gitref:716924cb4832[repository=src] gitref:9054e296819f[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The AHB bus front end has been removed from man:ath[4], as it was used only by MIPS.
+A fix has been implemented for frame buffer addressing that affects framebuffers mapped above 4 GB physical on i386 and Book-E powerpc.
+The man:igc[4] driver for the Intel I225 Ethernet controller is included, supporting 2.5 Gbps operation.
+gitref:517904de5cca[repository=src] (Sponsored by Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate"))
+The Microsoft Azure Network Adapter(MANA) VF (virtual function) is now supported.
+gitref:ce110ea12fce[repository=src] (Sponsored by Microsoft)
+NVME disks are now `nda` devices by default, for example `nda0`; see man:nda[4].
+Symbolic links for the previous man:nvd[4] device names are created in `/dev`.
+However, configuration such as man:fstab[5] should be updated to refer to the new device names.
+Options to control the use of `nda` devices and symbolic links are described in man:nda[4].
+gitref:bdc81eeda05d[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+The man:pms[4] driver, `pmspcv`, has been removed from the `GENERIC` kernel configurations for x86, as it was large and uncommonly used.
+It can be loaded as a module by placing `pmspcv_load="YES"` in man:loader.conf[5].
+gitref:95e4f5ef7cce[repository=src] (Sponsored by Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate"))
+The previous man:qat[4] driver has been replaced with Intel's QAT driver.
+The new version provides additional interfaces to the chipset's cryptographic and compression offload functionality.
+This will have no visible change for most users; however, the new driver does not support Atom C2000 chipsets.
+To preserve support for those chipsets, the old driver has been renamed to `qat_c2xxx`.
+Users of man:qat[4] on C2000 hardware will thus need to ensure that man:qat_c2xxx[4] is loaded instead of man:qat[4].
+gitref:78ee8d1c4cda[repository=src] gitref:f4f56ff43dbd[repository=src] (Sponsored by Intel Corporation)
+The VESA option has been removed from the x86 `GENERIC` and `MINIMAL` kernel configurations.
+It is still available as a kernel module.
+VESA is not used by the default console, man:vt[4].
+gitref:777526ed8382[repository=src] gitref:b8cf1c5c30a5[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The deprecated man:amr[4] driver has been removed.
+gitref:60de2867c9fc[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+The obsolete man:iscsi_initiator[4] has been removed.
+Its replacement, man:iscsi[4], was introduced several major releases ago.
+gitref:48cb3fee2586[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The deprecated man:iir[4] driver has been removed.
+gitref:399188a2c60c[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+The deprecated man:mn[4] sync serial driver has been removed.
+gitref:0cff00ae682a[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The deprecated man:mly[4] driver has been removed.
+gitref:a9620045a5b9[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
+The deprecated man:nlmrsa[4] driver has been removed.
+gitref:6a06b00a0d1f[repository=src] (Sponsored by Chelsio Communications)
+The deprecated man:twa[4] driver has been removed.
+gitref:8722e05ae149[repository=src] (Sponsored by Netflix)
 == Storage
@@ -143,12 +420,68 @@ This section covers changes and additions to file systems and other storage subs
 === General Storage
+man:gconcat[8] and its kernel support now have the ability to append devices to the concatenated device that were not present at creation time.
+A new man:gunion[8] utility tracks changes to a read-only disk on a writable disk.
+This can be useful for making tentative changes to the disk, such as file system repairs or software upgrades, and then either committing or reverting them.
+ZFS has been enabled on 32-bit `powerpc`/`powerpcspe`.
+=== NFS Changes
+NFS now supports running an NFS server in a VNET jail, including man:nfsd[8], man:nfsuserd[8], man:mountd[8], man:gssd[8], and man:rpc.tlsservd[8].
+The VNET jail must be on its own file system, have the `allow.nfsd` jail parameter set, and `enforce_statfs` cannot be set to `0`.
+Use of UDP and pNFS server configurations is not permitted.
+gitref:7344856e3a6d[repository=src] and many others
+For NFSv4 mounts, the NFS client now uses the highest minor version of NFSv4 supported by the NFS server by default instead of minor version 0.
+The `minorversion` mount option may be used to override this default.
+The FreeBSD NFS client can now be set to use a 1 Mbyte I/O size
+via the `vfs.maxbcachebuf` tunable; the Linux NFS client
+can also do 1 Mbyte I/O.
+The value of `kern.ipc.maxsockbuf` will need to be increased to do this.
+A console message will suggest a setting for it.
+Note that the maximum I/O size for the FreeBSD NFS server can be increased to any power of 2 up to 1 Mbyte using the sysctl `vfs.nfsd.srvmaxio` while man:nfsd[8] is not running.
+The NFSv4.1/4.2 client and server will now generate console messages if sessions are broken, suggesting that users check to ensure that the values in [.filename]#/etc/hostid# strings are unique for all NFSv4.1/4.2 clients.
+gitref:b875d4f5ddcb[repository=src] gitref:0685c73cfe88[repository=src]
+NFSv4.1/4.2 mounts with the `intr` mount option are now fairly usable, although not 100% correct, so long as the `nolockd` mount option is used as well.
+See the man:mount_nfs[8] manual page for more information.
+gitref:981ef32230b2[repository=src] gitref:33721eb991d8[repository=src]
+A new `syskrb5` mount option is availble for Kerberized NFSv4.1/4.2 mounts.
+A feature of NFSv4.1/4.2 is used to provide `AUTH_SYS` authentication, and thus no Kerberos credential is required at mount time.
+See man:mount_nfs[8].
+Support for `SP4_MACH_CRED` has been added in NFS mount protocol in the NFS server.
+That facility is used by the Linux NFSv4.1/4.2 client for Kerberized mounts.
+It was handled by a fallback in the past, but is now supported directly.
+gitref:330aa8acdec7[repository=src] gitref:ff2f1f691cdb[repository=src]
+=== Boot Loader Changes
 == Boot Loader Changes
 This section covers the boot loader, boot menu, and other boot-related changes.
+The lua-flavored man:loader[8] will now interpret `.lua` files that appear in `loader_conf_files` as lua, and execute them in a sandbox.
+Existing loader environment variables are available as globals in the sandbox, and any global variable set, if not a table value, will be reflected in the loader environment upon successful execution of the configuration file.
+Environment variables with names that aren't valid lua names may be accessed as indices of `_ENV`; e.g., `_ENV['net.fibs']`.
+EC2 instances now boot using UEFI where available, substantially speeding the boot process.
+gitref:b43d7aa09b3c[repository=src] gitref:bcf9147144f3[repository=src] (Sponsored by[])
 == Networking
@@ -158,6 +491,43 @@ This section describes changes that affect networking in FreeBSD.
 === General Network
+man:carp[4] now supports configuration of the address to which carp messages are sent, allowing the use of unicast addresses.
+This is useful in certain virtual configurations.
+See man:carp[4] and man:ifconfig[8].
+Layer 3 filtering on man:if_bridge[4] will do surprising things which aren't fail-safe, so `` and `` now default to zero.
+The deprecated `NgATM` (netgraph ATM support) and remaining ATM support have been removed.
+WiFi 6 support has been added to wpa (man:wpa_supplicant[8] and man:hostapd[8]).
+gitref:c1d255d3ffdb[repository=src] gitref:3968b47cd974[repository=src] gitref:bd452dcbede6[repository=src]
+=== Internet Networking
+The `6to4` interface for IPv6 over IPv4, man:if_stf[4], now supports IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) (RFC5969).
+gitref:19dc64451179[repository=src] (Sponsored by Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate"))
+The man:rtsol[8] and man:rtsold[8] programs now have a `-i` option to disable the random delay of up to a second that is used by default.
+The default options for these programs in man:rc.conf[5] include `-i`.
+gitref:231bac4ccc43[repository=src] gitref:e29711da2352[repository=src] (Sponsored by[])
+The handling of IPv6 `nodeinfo` (RFC 4620) has been disabled by default.
+gitref:b73183d1a243[repository=src] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
+The man:sysctl[8] option `net.inet.tcp.nolocaltimewait` is now enabled by default.
+This prevents creation of timewait entries for TCP connections that were terminated locally.
+The default congestion control mechanism for TCP is now CUBIC.
+For long duration data transfers, CUBIC allocates a slightly higher fraction of the available bandwidth, when competing against NewReno.
+gitref:bb1d472d79f7[repository=src] (Sponsored by NetApp, Inc.)
+IPv4 was changed not to broadcast the lowest address on a subnet (host 0) unless it is configured as the broadcast address.
+This allows the lowest address on a subnet to be used for a host.
 == Hardware Support
@@ -177,3 +547,25 @@ This section covers changes to the FreeBSD Ports Collection, package infrastruct
 === Packaging Changes
+== General Notes Regarding Future FreeBSD Releases
+FreeBSD 15.0 is not expected to include support for 32-bit platforms.
+However, 64-bit systems will still be able to run older 32-bit binaries.
+Support for executing 32-bit binaries on 64-bit platforms via the `COMPAT_FREEBSD32` option will remain supported for at least the stable/15 and stable/16 branches.
+Support for compiling individual 32-bit applications via `cc -m32` will also be supported for at least the stable/15 branch, which includes suitable headers in [.filename]#/usr/include# and libraries in [.filename]#/usr/lib32#.
+Support for 32-bit platforms in ports for FreeBSD 15.0 and later releases is also deprecated, and these future releases may not include binary packages for 32-bit platforms or support for building 32-bit applications from ports.
+The FreeBSD stable/14 and earlier branches will retain existing 32-bit kernel and world support.
+Ports will retain existing support for building ports and packages for 32-bit systems on stable/14 and earlier branches as long as those branches are supported by the ports system.
+However, all 32-bit platforms are Tier-2 or Tier-3, and support for individual ports should be expected to degrade as upstreams deprecate 32-bit platforms.
+With the current support schedule, stable/14 will be reach End of Life (EOL) 5 years after the release of FreeBSD {releaseCurrent}.
+The EOL of stable/14 would mark the end of support for 32-bit platforms including source releases, pre-built packages, and support for building applications from ports.
+Given an estimated release date of October 2023 for {releaseCurrent}, support for 32-bit platforms would end in October 2028.
+The project may choose to alter this approach when FreeBSD 15.0 is released by extending some level of 32-bit support for one or more platforms in 15.0 or later.
+Users should use the FreeBSD {releaseCurrent} and following releases or the stable/14 branch to migrate off of 32-bit platforms.