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+=== Introducing the
+Links: +
+link:[BSD Cafe Project Homepage] URL: link:[] +
+link:[BSD Cafe Mastodon Instance] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Stefano Marinelli <>
+We are thrilled to unveil the inaugural component of the BSD Cafe project!
+Months ago, when I first registered the link:[] domain, I envisioned a themed bar where friends, acquaintances, and patrons could gather for casual conversations about *BSD systems, Linux, and Open-Source technology.
+Just like any bar, our discussions can encompass a wide array of topics, all while maintaining a spirit of mutual respect.
+ is poised to become a hub for a variety of tools and services, all powered by *BSD.
+Our initial offering is a brand-new link:[Mastodon (open-source
+microblogging software and service)] instance, serving as a gateway to the Fediverse (a federation of microblogging services communicating via link:[the ActivityPub protocol]).
+Registration is now open, and the server will operate under clearly defined guidelines that promote positive conduct and unequivocally prohibit any form of hate.
+Inclusiveness, respect, and constructive dialogue stand as the cornerstones of this new instance.
+Our primary server is currently hosted in Finland on a small VM, running on FreeBSD.
+Our services are partitioned into VNET jails, interconnected within a local area network through a dedicated bridge.
+Additionally, we have implemented a VPN system and have the flexibility to migrate individual jails to more robust machines.
+For multimedia data and cache hosting, we have employed a separate physical server (also FreeBSD-based, within a jail), fronted by Cloudflare.
+The goal here is to cache and geodistribute data, effectively reducing network congestion on the main VPS.
+Our reverse proxy (frontend), mail server, media server, and the instance itself are all accessible via ipv6.
+From the moment of its inception, this instance has remained devoid of preloaded content.
+Our intention is for it to grow organically based on the interests and followers of its users.
+At this stage, we have refrained from preemptive blocks.
+We strongly encourage users to promptly report anything that they believe requires attention.
+We invite you to join us at in order to cultivate a community that values constructive interactions and embraces inclusiveness a secure and serene space meant for all.
+Furthermore, we have established a website at, which will provide an overview of our tools, services, rules, uptime, and more.
+Recently, a Miniflux installation has been performed, so the BSD Cafe users can use it as a personal RSS Feed Reader. More information can be found here: