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+=== Integrate mfsBSD into the Release Building Tools
+Links: +
+link:[Wiki Article] URL: link:[]+
+link:[Code Review on Phabricator] URL: link:[]+
+link:[FreeBSD Foundation Blog Post] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Soobin Rho <>
+==== What is mfsBSD?
+"mfsBSD is a toolset to create small-sized but full-featured mfsroot based distributions of FreeBSD that store all files in memory (MFS) [Memory File System] and load from hard drive, USB storage device, or optical medium.
+It can be used for a variety of purposes, including diskless systems, recovery partitions and remotely overwriting other operating systems."
+[Martin Matuska] is the creator of mfsBSD, and he is also the author of the original link:[mfsBSD white paper], which is where the excerpt above was taken from.
+The upstream mfsBSD is maintained at the link:[GitHub mfsBSD repository].
+==== Purpose of this Project
+This project integrates mfsBSD into the FreeBSD release tool set, creating an additional target of mfsBSD images ([.filename]#.img# and [.filenmae]#.iso# files) into the [.filename]#/usr/src/release/Makefile#.
+Until now, mfsBSD only existed outside the FreeBSD release tool chain, and only the -release versions have been produced.
+With this project, mfsBSD images will be available at the official FreeBSD release page, and you will also be able to build mfsBSD yourself by invoking `cd /usr/src/release && make release WITH_MFSBSD=1`, which will then create [.filename]#mfsbsd-se.img# and [.filename]#mfsbsd-se.iso# at [.filename]#/usr/obj/usr/src/${ARCH}/release/#.
+==== Changes from last quarter
+The code is ready, and is currently under review.
+If you would like to get involved with the code review process, please feel free to do so!
+Here is link:[my code revision].
+Sponsor: Google, Inc. (GSoC 2023)