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+=== Valgrind: valgrind-devel updated for FreeBSD 15
+Links: +
+link:[Valgrind Home Page] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Valgrind News] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Paul Floyd <>
+The package:devel/valgrind-devel[] is in the process of being updated.
+This contains most of what will be in the official release of Valgrind 3.22 due out in October.
+`memcheck` has been enhanced with some more checks.
+It will now report usage of `realloc` with a size of zero.
+Such usage is not portable and is deprecated (C23 will make it Undefined Behaviour).
+`memcheck` now validates the values used for alignment and sized delete for `memalign`, `posix_memalign`, `aligned_alloc` and all aligned and sized overloads of `operator new` and `operator delete`.
+Reading `DWARF` debuginfo is now done in a lazy manner which can improve performance.
+As usual there are numerous small bugfixes.
+Specific to FreeBSD there is now support for FreeBSD 15.
+Two extra `_umtx_op` operations are now supported, `UMTX_OP_GET_MIN_TIMEOUT` and `UMTX_OP_SET_MIN_TIMEOUT`.
+There is a fix for the use of sysctl kern proc pathname with the guest pid or -1 which previously returned the path of the Valgrind host. The sysctl will now return the name of the guest.
+Support for the `close_range` system call has been added.