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    [phb]: Document inclusion of Makefile.* files
    Document the automatic inclusion of several Makefile.* files.
    Also mention idiomatic splitting of pkg-plist.* files.
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 This section explains the most common things to consider when creating a port.
+== Splitting long files
+Sometimes, port [.filename]#Makefiles# can be really long.
+For example, rust ports can have a very long `CARGO_CRATES` list.
+In other cases, the [.filename]#Makefile# might have code that varies depending on the architecture.
+In such cases, it can be convenient to split the original [.filename]#Makefile# into several files.
+[.filename] automatically includes some types of [.filename]#Makefiles# into the main port [.filename]#Makefile#.
+These are the files that the framework handles automatically if they are found:
+* [.filename]#Makefile.crates#. An example can be found in package:audio/ebur128[].
+* [.filename] An example can be found in package:net/ntp[].
+* [.filename]#Makefile.${ARCH}-${OPSYS}#
+* [.filename]#Makefile.${OPSYS}#. An example can be found in package:net/cvsup-static[].
+* [.filename]#Makefile.${ARCH}#
+* [.filename]#Makefile.local#
+It is also usual practice to split the packaging list of the port into several files if the list varies a lot from one architecture to another or depends on the selected flavor.
+In this case, the [.filename]#pkg-plist# file for each architecture is named following the pattern [.filename]#pkg-plist.${ARCH}# or [.filename]#pkg-plist.${FLAVOR}#.
+The framework does not create the packaging list automatically if multiple [.filename]#pkg-plist# files exist.
+It is the responsibility of the porter to select the proper [.filename]#pkg-plist# and assign it to the `PLIST` variable.
+Examples on how to deal with this can be found in package:audio/logitechmediaserver[] and package:deskutils/libportal[].
 == Staging